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Amat Omnes: Community Rules


Read the rules. Decide if you can abide by them. If you can’t abide by them then this is not the game for you.

THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE OF THE GAME: Players have, at all times, the right to state their preferences for any potentially sexual situation presented in game and to give or remove consent. This right remains regardless if it is explicitly reiterated that it should be given or made known for any specific event.

Amat Omnes is a sex game. And as such, the OOC comfort of our players in playing out sexual situations is our highest priority. Plot may limit their ability to ignore an event in game, but at no times will players ever be forced to directly participate in anything that crosses their OOC boundaries involving sexual situations. However, it is the responsibility of the players to express these preferences to those they play with and/or the mods should a situation come up that makes them uncomfortable. If a player is not comfortable expressing their preferences to a fellow player, they need to come to a mod formally and we will do so for them. There is nothing wrong with doing so because player comfort in playing out sexual situations is the mod's highest priority.

Other important links:

Game Info
App Writing How-To


18+ Only

Amat does not accept players OR characters that are under 18. In the case of canon characters that are under 18, once they arrive on Atia they will have been appropriately aged up physically and must show in their applications that they are mentally mature enough to handle the adult situations they will be getting into. No exceptions.

In regards to players, all must be 18+ in order to be considered in their applications. This rule is in place not because there are many players who don't feel comfortable RPing sex with minors or exposing them to sexual situations. If the mods become aware of any underage players, they will be removed immediately, without exception or warning, and may be subject to the strike system.

Warning System

A three strike and warning system has been implemented to deal with any serious breaches of the rules. Players have two strikes, then on the third, they are out. Small infractions will receive warnings and three warnings will result in a strike, but any major rule breaking, including the rules on etiquette, can result in an automatic strike. All rules infractions are subject to this system.

Stay IC

Currently, everyone is allowed to reserve and apply for up to two (2) characters per application round.

The mods understand that characters will develop and grow once they start interacting with other characters within Amat. This is to be expected. But such development will take time and should be played out as naturally as possible.

Sex is not to be used as an excuse for characters to act OOC. Some characters will be inexperienced, others will have inhibitions and reserves and some characters may hate the very idea of sex. Players are asked to deal with these aspects in a credible manner in regards to their characters.

Players are also advised to take constructive criticism (CC) under consideration in regards to how they play, as well as characterization.

If players fail to keep their character IC, fail to heed CC and remain unconcerned about keeping their characters IC, then they can be expected to be disciplined and possibly removed from the game.

No Metagaming/Godmodding

There is a distinction between what a player knows and what their character knows. If a character comes to a conclusion, the clues and hints MUST BE available in the game for them to discover ICly. If the player is using information their character learned off screen from another character, they must have that player's permission. If you aren't sure whether the information is ICly available ask a player or a mod!

Taking control of the environment, another player’s character, or inflicting any actions upon other characters without their express, written permission is strictly prohibited. No exceptions. Unless permission has been previously attained, players should always give the other player’s characters time to react to any actions.

No Breaking the Fourth Wall

While we accept that some minor fourth wall breaking (link) is going to happen to any character with a historical based background (Marquis de Sade or Tokugawa Ieyasu, for example), we prefer that fourth wall breakage not occur between one fictional character to another.

Referencing personal facts of another character's, or mentioning events that happen past that character's canon point can be considered borderline godmodding, and has the potential to disrupt characterization and comfort levels. Having your own character break the fourth wall on themselves too much can also alter the game environment and the atmosphere, as Atia is not [community profile] dear_mun. Again, we ask that you not to do this, and we may speak to those who make a habit of breaking it. You may reference tropes or the occasional 'my manga' references, but please don't have characters talk to their players or anything too drastic.

What your characters may do, in essence, is refer to a generic genre instead of a name brand. Referring to something as "tissue" instead of "Kleenex" for example. "Toku" instead of Kamen Rider or "angsty sparkly vampires" instead of Twilight.

Pregnancy, Drugs, Rape, Murder

All plots involving pregnancy, drugging, rape and/or murder must have the agreement of any and all players involved (and mod permission if necessary).


Due to the impact and changes that retconning a post or thread has on all players and characters involved, players are not allowed to retcon situations without the express permission of all players involved. If you are unable to obtain permission from the players, and the situation is so dire as to affect your character and others, then please e-mail the mods so we can try and figure something out. Note that this includes deleting posts, especially since players may use any posts and threads for activity.


Players may take a hiatus as necessary but are required to inform the moderators via a comment on the official hiatus page. "Indefinite" hiatuses are not allowed. If you think something could possibly take you away from the game for more than a month and you cannot provide a specific return date beyond that month, you may be subject to activity checks and subsequent removal. It's recommended that if you do not know a concrete date, to set one at the latest you think you would be returning.

Extended Hiatuses can be arranged for if you contact the mods via the mod e-mail and explain your situation. These can last upwards of three months, but are provided on a case by case basis determined by several factors. These can include: previous hiatus/exemption request history, previous AC history, length of time in the game, specific situation that will cause the extended hiatus.

To be exempt from activity check for the month, a characters hiatus must last a minimum of 14 days and have been posted to the official hiatus page at least seven (7) days prior to the beginning of activity check (generally by the 13th of each month). Abuse of the hiatus policy is not allowed and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

We suggest that players putting their character on hiatus for longer than two weeks not put them on "autopilot" and instead take advantage of the three other hiatus options that can take a character out of the action for extended periods so as to make things easier for canonmates and CR, in the event of a major event occurring. Please refer back to the official hiatus page for any further information.

Canon Updating

Canon updating a character is possible, provided they have a canon point to be updated to from whatever their original application point may have been. To canon update a character you must first e-mail the mod account and provide us with as much information about your character's canon update and how it will affect them as possible.

In particular, we want the new canon point specified and want to know how the events that have occurred between their application canon point and this update point affects the character, especially in regards to their personality and/or memories and how this change will impact their life on Atia when they return. For your convenience, we have provided an optional form with information that must be considered to canon update.

If approved, you are highly encouraged to include information about said canon update in the character's info post and required to post their updated information to the Taken Lists. Characters who are canon-updated must be removed from play for a week.

As there has been some confusion in the past about how characters who are canon-updated return to the island: Characters will return from their update via the Forest of Mirrors only.


Players may drop any of their characters at any point with impunity. Drops are to be posted on the official drop page. Typically once a drop has been posted it is final, though occasionally exemptions can be made on a case-by-case basis. Please contact a mod if you have a question. And of course, a player can always reapply a previously dropped character when applications reopen if the character is available.

Activity Check

Activity checks will be posted once a month in amatomnesooc. These are compulsory for all players to respond to with each and every one of their characters.

Players who fail to comment to the AC post and/or who fail confirm the required details on their characters activity without explanation to the moderators, will be removed from the game and all its communities. The mods reserve the right to ask for more activity.

We require ONE proof FOR REGULAR MONTHLY ACTIVITY, a combination of any of the below, and at least four (4) proofs FOR ADVANCED GODDESS FAVOR ACTIVITY. If in doubt, err on the side of caution and include more activity.)
- POST: an entry in [community profile] amatomnes
    A public Post by your character on amatomnes that was started during the current AC period and shows sustained attention; meaning that the post should have any comments replied to and not dropped within an hour or a day. Action spam on a network post can count towards a comment proof, but not as a log proof. A private network post can only be used for comments (see below). Additionally, because post comments are assumed to be happening largely concurrently with each other, multiple threads in posts can NOT count individually as they might for logs.

- LOG: Participation in a log in [community profile] amatomneslogs
    Activity in a log during the current AC period where your character has at least 6 tags (including the log start if applicable.) ‘Catch-all’ or ‘event’ logs can be used as one proof or distinct threads within them can be used as separate proofs so long as each thread meets the 6 tag minimum. If using distinct threads, please list those in separate links as a clear individual proof. Multiple logs can be combined as one proof so long as the total tags add up to 6. Because logs can take a much longer time to complete, you may use log tags dated the current AC period even if the log itself was started earlier, but again, you still need the right amount. The starter Entry for a log will count toward the 6 tag minimum so long as it is an actual tag and not a placeholder/thread organizer post

- COMMENTS: Comments on a network post made to [community profile] amatomnes NOT started by your character that total at least 15.
    Multiple posts can be combined as one proof so long as the total tags to add up to 15. The only exception to this is if your character started the network post and it is set as private to only one (1) other character: you may count comments by your character in those posts toward the 15 total tags.


Play Nice

This is an 18+ only roleplay game. Players are all adults here and should be capable of acting civilly towards one another. Players who fail to uphold this may be given a warning, temporary suspension, or banned from the game, as per the three strike system.

Player Disputes

Do not bring such disputes into the game and please keep OOC quibbles out of IC interaction.

If players have disputes with one another we encourage them to try and settle them among themselves via IM or PM or email. If, however, players are not comfortable with this option, they are always free to contact the moderators and let them know of the issue.


Short answer: no.

Are not tolerated in any form. If you cannot play nice with another player, the either keep your distance or ask a moderator for help with settling the dispute. Repeat offenders will be subject to the three strike system outlined above.


Your questions and app are in another castle!

What characters are playable and applicable in Amat, as well as how to write the best app for this game can be found at the App FAQ and at the App Writing How-To pages.


Mod Permissions

For any and all plots involving the following list of events or actions, moderator permission must be requested and received.

- Pregnancy of character
- Harm or Murder of an NPC character
- Successful removal of collars
- Attempts to delay the process of collars tightening
- Attempts to take over the island
- Attempts to deface/damage Atian/NPC properties or locations
- Plots that might/would be intrusive or affect a substantial amount of players/the playerbase base at large.

Prohibited Kinks

Kinks are encouraged and allowed, bar two. The following kinks are not allowed:

- bestiality
- sex with any minors (anyone under 18)


For all memory and personality altering events/curses, participating characters are NOT to ICly know they or other participants have been cursed, unless otherwise specified by a mod. Event posts will be sure to state clearly if an event is meant to fall within this rule. Thus, any characters who choose to participate in such a curse event and have their personalities/memories altered, would believe that this is the way things are supposed to be for anyone participating.

Not all curses in Amat affect memory AND personality, so this rule only applies to those that do both. Additionally, characters are always free to believe (or not) any uncursed characters that inform them of their cursed state.

For example, in a marriage type of event that affects personality/memory by making characters think they are married, Character A would believe he and Character X are married of their own volition, possibly for some time (even if they've only just met in reality). If A tries to think back to an exact time of when things between them begun he may be unsure, fuzzy or even completely blank on the details (players choice), but largely he would probably not question the validity of the situation and shouldn't assume he was necessarily cursed. If Character B tells him he wasn't married yesterday so obviously A is under a curse, A is free to either believe B or not. The curse would still be affecting A, however, so even if A believes he is cursed, their marriage with X would probably still "feel" valid to some part of him.


Each and every character upon arriving in Atia will have a collar around their neck. What the collar looks like is entirely up to the individual player (we encourage them to be about 1 inch wide though, so as to avoid possible decapitation). However, all have one thing in common. They are unbreakable and unremovable. They cannot be weakened or removed by burning, freezing, cutting or corroding substances.

Every day the character spends in Atia without engaging in sexual relations the collar around their neck tightens. It takes approximately fourteen days for collars to choke characters to death. Depending on individual characters and their pain tolerance/strength many can last up to day thirteen, however none live past that final day. Upon a character having sex the collars ‘reset’, loosened once more to their original state.

Any attempts to stay or alter this inevitable process requires mod permission.

Sex in Atia

True sex in Atia requires that there be a minimum of two participants and that orgasm be reached by at least one of the parties involved. Once this occurs the collars of all involved parties will be loosened back to day one.

Full sexual intercourse, whether homosexual or heterosexual (anal or vaginal or oral) will fully reset the collars of all involved parties. This includes rape and dub-con.

Non-penetrative sexual acts involving at least two people that end with orgasm (handjobs, frotting, titfucking) will also start out full resetting the collar. However, if a character begins to rely solely on this kind of act for an extended period of time, without performing other acts in between, the loosening will begin to be less effective-- instead of loosening completely, it will only loosen seven days worth, then six, and so on.

This reduced loosening time also applies to doing the same thing with the same person. Exclusive relationships can be played out, but any participants will need to mix it up a little on what they do together. Atia does like her variety!

Atia does NOT consider completely solo masturbation to be the equivalent of full sex for the purpose of loosening collars. Characters can use mutual masturbation (where both or all participants cause their own orgasm while watching or touching each other) as a form of 'full sex' but as with other variations, it will becomes less effective over time. Solo masturbation will work on a pattern of diminishing returns. A lengthier description can be found in the FAQ, but regardless of how you PLAY it out, you can squeeze out about a month TOTAL (collar getting to day 14 or so Plus Masturbation attempts) of no sex in an emergency. No more.


Due to the nature of this game, rape is allowed; however, it is subject to the same rules as killing another player. If player A’s character is to rape player B’s character then player B’s permission is required. Once again, without exception.

Roleplaying Sex

Sex is the prerequisite for existence in Atia. Characters must engage in it or risk suffering a slow death. However, players are not required to log/RP sex in Amat Omnes if they do not wish to. They may choose to imply or reference these experiences, such as by reaching point within a log and allowing things to ‘fade to black’.

In the case of implication, the other player’s permission must be attained before any inference is made. Players may also choose to allow their character to engage in intercourse with NPCs.

Pregnancy in Amat

Pregnancy in Amat is allowed, but only with mod permission. Only physically female characters may get pregnant. Physically male characters cannot get pregnant on Atia. Also, players may not bring already-pregnant characters into the game unless given express permission from the mods. Pregnancy is a serious issue that extends far beyond the 9 month gestation period and we want it to be taken seriously.

NPC Deaths/Killing/Violence

Natural NPC deaths need not receive mod permission. If a NPC dies of natural causes (such as a heart attack) then no mod permission is required. However any and all NPC violence/killings/murders require mod permission. Without exception. Players must also keep in mind that there are IC consequences for crime.

Player Character Deaths

Player character deaths/killings do not need to be cleared by the mods. However if player A’s character is to kill player B’s character then player B’s permission is required. Without exception. As this is godmodding, action may be taken against any player who does not receive permission.

Back-dating and Forward-dating Posts to the Network Comm

Amat Omnes has a policy of allowing posts to the Network Comm to be back-dated or forward-dated no more than 72 hours post or prior to the intended IC posting date to allow other players to react accordingly without extensive risk of forcing a Retcon.

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