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Game Info & FAQs


AMAT OMNES is one of the longest running, adult-themed, multi-fandom, formerly LJ and now DW, RP games. Don't let the sex scare you off though! There's a little something for everyone to be found on Atia's private island, from gamewide plots to lighthearted fun.

Atia, at its very core, is an island fueled by sex. Any sex, between any gender is acceptable and encouraged. People speculate that the island is the private playground and personal battery of the mysterious Goddess it derives its name from. Whether it's true or not, well. . . that's anyone's guess.

And what, you wonder, will happen if the citizens stop? No one knows for certain. There are legends that speak of great tragedies and past destruction, of the sea swallowing up islands that have all but died. The natives know this and worship willingly, but the others, unwittingly pulled here from their worlds and their times, are given collars, just in case.

Some use their collars as a convenient excuse to indulge in their most base desires, for Atia certainly encourages such indulgence. Others rue its very existence and resist for as long as they can. But call it motivation or call it a prison, those that do not follow The Way of Atia face a very certain peril... For the collars, magicked, will tighten over time, and if left unattended, may well take the life of their bearers. It can be returned, for Atia is no lover of death, but for such boons a price must always be paid...

your arrival

This should be familiar by now. You don't know where you are, you don't know how you got here, and fairly soon it becomes pretty apparent there is no escape. You are fucked and, in Atia, it's possible that its not just a metaphor.

You find yourself waking sated and heavy-limbed, lax and luxurious as only great pleasure and greater release can bring. If you've ever been intimate, surely you recognize the signs, the sensations. If not, well, you're about to learn.

Perhaps you dreamed it? That sensation of lips upon your skin, slick limbs tangling with yours in that age-old quest for ultimate satisfaction...but perhaps not. Mysterious lover or dream, the truth might never be known. In the end, it's up to you.

Nestled amid pillows and swathed in the softest sheets that whisper over your skin like air, you realize you're nude and alone on a sumptuous bed in a room you're fairly certain you have never seen before. Nearby and likely visible, the last clothes you wore lie neatly folded, any weapons you had on your person at that time, by their side. Additions, however, have been made to your possessions. Gifts from your captor, if you will.

A small device, much like a smartphone of today, will sit upon your clothes. It is this that allows you to access the island's closed network and to communicate with others who find themselves in a similar situation. Some may be recently arrived like you, others, you will come to discover, may have been on Atia for far longer: weeks, months, perhaps even years...

But most importantly, about your neck, a collar. You don't remember wearing such a thing before, but try as you might to remove it, even if you go so far as to take weapons to it, it simply will not budge or break. It's stuck and maybe that's when the dread really kicks in. Or perhaps you don't notice at first, as it could very well be shaped after a necklace you often wear at home, but soon enough even you will know you're collared.

And if you weren't human or humanoid before waking, well, then you are certainly going to be in for the shock of your life when you rise from the bed and pass by the mirror. For Atia needs only those who are compatible in a very physical way upon her island. If in your natural state you cannot do your part to feed the island, she will change or age your body as she sees fit to make it so.

Across the room, large windows overlook an island, beautiful and picturesque, like something out of a storybook. For those familiar with such things, the island and its city bears a distinctly ancient Greco-Roman flavor, but on closer exploration, one will find it to have all the modern conveniences of a small and charming town.

For the time being, you are in Atia's palace. The room you woke in are your very temporary living quarters as you learn your way around the island and hopefully find a job and someplace to live. The servants won't let you stay more than a week though, so make the best of it while you can!

Ultimately, there are many variations on the scenario to choose from, but whatever the choice, the fact remains that your character will wake humanoid, alone, nude and collared in Atia's palace.


So what's the deal with the Goddess?

As far as anyone knows, Atia is a goddess whose power is fueled not by traditional prayer but by sex. Occasionally, she will deign to visit her citizens or speak with them, but please contact the mods before mentioning your character has ever met the goddess.

She is the patron deity of this island and the natives largely adore her, happy to serve in her name. As for her collared citizens, well, she would like them to be equally willing, so she's adopted a recent campaign to try and kill them with kindness and gifts. However, should they remain unwilling, she will not hesitate to force their hand at times.

What is the Island called>


Is the island of Atia on Earth?

Nope! While everything about it would appear be very similar to Earth, there are little clues that would tip off any character attentive enough to look for them (aside from the readily apparent goddesses & gods walking among the people thing).

The most obvious would be the sky. If your character looks up at night, none of the stars or constellations should be familiar to them.

What would be the best Earth comparison for Atia?

The island of Atia is largely modeled after the small Greek Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, like Ios for example. While it has 'tropical weather' It is NOT a tropical island! Yes, that means the weather and the vegetation and the wildlife too (save for those occasional mythical creatures that may live in the forests).

As for the native architecture, think of ancient Greco-Roman cities and Greek Revival. There are lots of columns and marble and archways to be seen around the island, but all the buildings are outfitted with the modern conveniences of plumbing and electricity of course.

How does time pass on Atia?

Same as ours. A day has twenty-four hours and an hour sixty minutes. All times in the game will be in GMT (0).

What is the size and population of the island?

Physically, the island is not all that large, roughly around the size of large city with an area of about 24sq miles or so (6 miles from top to bottom, 4 miles from side to side). The city itself takes up about two thirds of the island starting at the southern beach and extending northward. The native population is only 3,500 or so people, which is not very dense. Significant portions of the rest of the island are made up of uninhabitable land, and land that is not good for farming (mountains, forests, rivers, etc)

The majority of the land that is inhabitable has been developed in some way, so there are no expansive, ignored tracts of land. The terrain is somewat hilly/slopey and largely designed for pedestrian traffic, though there are a few major roads around the island.

Are there animals on Atia?

Yes! Along with all the sorts of animals you'd find roaming around the Mediterranean, there are rumors that Greek/Roman mythological beasts roam the forests; however, the latter are difficult to find and are more likely to be found only if they want to be. Please contact a mod if you would like your character to spot one of them.

What languages are spoken on Atia?

There are three languages that exist on the island of Atia. When your character wakes up, they will be able to fluently speak what is known as the Common language, as well as the languages they were able to speak in their original worlds. They will be able to use the Common language to communicate with natives and other collared individuals on Atia.

Separate from the Common tongue, there is also a "Native" tongue that is unique to the native inhabitants of Atia. This language is not auto-translated for your character.

Finally, there is also an "Ancient tongue," which is what the oldest, most sacred texts about the island are written in. This language does not bear any resemblance to the more common languages on Atia, and reading these ancient texts will be difficult, if not impossible, for those who are not scholars in the ancient language.

What is the housing like?

Structure-wise, the houses are mainly Greco-Roman in facade and architecture, with a few foreign buildings scattered around now that Collared Residents have started doing a lot of building and renovating of structures to fit what they are familiar with. Inside, the house will have modern plumbing and decent electrical wiring, electrical sockets, and the more expensive ones in the first district may even have basic air conditioning units. The district that the house or building is in will also usually have a bearing on how sound its electrical system is.

Atia's temple, however, is one of the buildings on the island without electricity or other modern conveniences.

What are the natives like?

They are a very open, friendly and fairly liberal culture. They still value things like fidelity, but are more sexually open and willing to experiment and very nonjudgmental in these areas. Besides that, they're like normal people.

Culturally speaking, they are more likely to be drawn to their fellow islanders, whom they've known most of their lives and share many values with. Largely though, the natives on the island vary from neutral to friendly and are on good terms with the collared characters, unless, of course you wrong them personally. Short of that, few people will encounter problems with the majority them.

Largely, their attitude is based on the idea that these are the chosen people of their goddess, whom they all love and worship, brought from far and wide to help her and help them in maintaining, enriching and contributing to their way of life. Collared characters already on the island are welcome to note this change and react however they choose. Any attempts to convince the natives that they were ever anything other than fairly accepting of collared citizens will probably not be believed. they will likely just laugh and think you are joking with them.

This most notable change to natives occurred with Atia's re-arrival in Spring 2011 and is wholly her doing. Friendlier natives are more likely to result in greater couplings and that definitely benefits her. So from one day to the next, with a little help from their goddess, the natives who had once been largely cautious, if not wary and somewhat hostile in certain cases towards the collared individuals, suddenly became much more accepting and vary from neutral to friendly, like the average population of most small towns.

As with people everywhere, there are always the occasional bad eggs, particularly those of the third district and folks who severely dislike anything different. These people are probably still fairly cautious or mildly disdainful/violent of the collared folk. Due to current IC actions (spanning the period of time from November 2012 to June 2013) tensions between the natives and collared have risen quite a bit. While the Natives are still largely friendly to those collared that they have known and been friends with for some time, collared residents who are know criminals and trouble makers and those known to associate with such are given more of a cold shoulder. Unfamiliar collared are treated with politeness and general friendliness until they've been on the island for a few months and the nature of their personalities have been learned.

Do the natives wear collars?

No. Natives do not have collars, but they are not exempt from the rules. They simply don't need to be told to have sex; they do it on their own.

What is the currency?


What laws are there?

Given the peaceful nature of the natives and the city, things such as murder, rape, theft and assault are strongly looked down upon, so the natives are not entirely equipped to handle such crimes. While they are all illegal, they are not well-enforced by the natives, as they have never been a problem.

That said, since arriving, the collared people on Atia have formed an additional justice system to help support and enforce Atia's traditional laws. More information can be found on the Law and Justice page.

How does my character get money?

If they came in with any money, they can visit any Atian-run bank and exchange their home world's currency for Amat. They will be roughly equivalent in terms of what they can buy you-- e.g., if you go in with enough Gold to buy a soda, you'll come out with enough Amat to buy a soda. Otherwise, your character will have to work for money!

Please try to be reasonable with the amount of money you bring in with the characters, and if you're unsure, ask a mod. Typically we ask that characters come in with less than 1500 dollars, so as to not disrupt the existing economy.


Despite looking a bit like a BC Greek city, one will find Atia to have all the modern conveniences of a small and charming town of approximately 1990. If it didn't exist right at the end of the Eighties, you probably wont be seeing it on Atia unless someone had it imported or Goddess Favored in.

The sole exceptions to this are the network devices and the medicine and medical technology. Medically, Atia is fairly advanced, far more so than we are today, and the people living on Atia enjoy relatively peaceful, disease free or at least very curable, lives.

Does Atia have (insert name brand here)?

Nope, there are no brand name products known on Earth (or any other canon world) on the island or available for import. However, it's possible that Atia has something very similar in their own brand, either on the island or importable. For example, your character could import vodka, but they would not be able to import a bottle of Grey Goose or Belvedere.

Collars & Choking

Each and every character upon arriving in Atia will have a collar around their neck. What the collar looks like is entirely up to the individual player (we encourage them to be about 1 inch wide though, so as to avoid possible decapitation). However, all have one thing in common. They are unbreakable and unremovable. They cannot be weakened or removed by burning, freezing, cutting or corroding substances.

Every day the character spends in Atia without engaging in sexual relations the collar around their neck tightens. It takes approximately fourteen (14) days for collars to choke characters to death. Depending on individual characters and their pain tolerance/strength many can last up to day thirteen, however none live past that final day. Upon a character having sex the collars ‘reset’, loosened once more to their original state.

So what counts as sex?

Sex in Atia requires that there be a minimum of two participants and that orgasm be reached by at least one of the parties involved. Upon this the collars of both parties will be loosened.

Full sexual intercourse, whether homosexual or heterosexual (anal or vaginal or oral) will fully reset the collars of both parties. This includes rape and dub-con, so long as at least one person reaches climax.

Non-penetrative sexual acts that end with orgasm (handjobs, frotting, titfucking) will also start out full resetting the collar. However, if a character begins to rely solely on this kind of act for an extended period of time, without performing other acts in between, the loosening will begin to be less effective-- instead of loosening completely, it will only loosen seven days worth, then six, and so on.

This reduced loosening time also applies to doing the same thing with the same person. Exclusive relationships can be played out, but any participants will need to mix it up a little on what they do together. Atia does like her variety!

Does Atia have STDs?

Theoretically, yes. However, as such plots can potentially affect a substantial number of players, mod permission is needed first!

As mentioned above, however, and largely due to the specific nature of life on this island, Atia's medical technology and knowledge is very advanced. Medications and cures are most likely available at the hospital for pretty much any disease of this nature. Alternatively, such things can always be cured by Goddess Favor.

Nevertheless, it IS possible to become infected. Atia encourages you to practice safe sex!

Can my character get pregnant?

Physically female and only physically female characters can become pregnant, but any and all pregnancy plots require mod permission first. However, it's not hard to find condoms, birth control pills, etc. all over the city to prevent this sort of thing if you don't want that to happen, as Atia is really more about sex than procreation.

Pregnancy requests may not always be granted. The mods look for people who are committed to the long term plot, will play it out realistically, have a good idea of how and when the character got pregnant. We will require extra activity from both players for the character's who will be raising the child. We ask that all lines send the following form to for approval:

Male characters cannot get pregant for any reason, even if genderswitched for an event. No exceptions!

What happens to babies & children in Amat?

Babies on Atia are NOT born with collars. The collars only apply to non-native 18+ characters.

Afterwards, sometime around their third birthday, children are sent over to Gryta, to be raised in a safe, sex-free environment. Parents are free to visit as often as they want, however. On Gryta, children will receive a very good education, including a comprehensive sex education once they reach puberty, although no actual sex occurs where the children are. In fact, children are strongly encouraged not to have sex until they reach the age of eighteen, which most are more than happy to follow. As far as most Atian children are concerned, their eighteenth birthday is a right of passage and they are all generally proud to wait. Once they reach eighteen, they are brought back to the main island of Atia and honored in a coming of rights ceremony to be inducted into their 'adult' life as a productive member of Atian society. Collared residents who have children (or are friends of children) that have reached the age of three (or more) and have had those children sent to Gryta are free to visit their children. A boat departs for the other island every three days. A trip to Gryta is one of the Hiatus options for those with a child to visit.

Can characters die?

What is the currency?

What happens to characters who die?

If your character was unfortunate enough to meet its demise, for whatever reason, he will be cycled through Thanatos' Temple and be revived. After all, Atia doesn't have any love—or need!—for the dead.

More specifically, when a character dies, their body will undergo a very rapid decomposition process and in about a half hour they will be nothing nothing but ashes and dust. Regardless of whether it is their first death or a subsequent one, all characters return to life in the temple of Thanatos. They are neither nude nor on a lavish bed, but awaken on a stone table lined with inscriptions, undecipherable by most save Thanato's priests. They will wake with memories of their death and the plane of existence they can recall after they died.

Whatever arrangement has been worked out among the deities is unknown, but one thing is certain. To be revived, a fee must paid to Thanatos. And each time you die, the fee is steeper...

For further information, see the the present Death System and Fees on Atia page.

NPCs who are killed are taken to the catacombs under the city, by way of Thanatos's temple. While characters may not be allowed to take place in these private funerals, they may catch glimpses of then. The catacombs connect to caves in the mountains. NPCs do not revive the same way as PCs do.


Do I have to post every week to keep my character alive?

Not at all. While we encourage you to be an active player, this is more an IC detail and can certainly be handwaved or referenced. Just make sure to get the other player's permission before saying anything happened with their character!

What if I don't want to RP the actual sex?

That's completely okay! You don't have to roleplay out the actual sexual encounter. Some people prefer to just write about the before and after effects. Again, so long as you get the appropriate permissions from any other players involved, you can always just say it happened. Fade to black is cool. :)

Can my character's sexuality change from what was on the app?

Of course!

Given the often high pressure and stressful nature of life on Atia, characters can sometimes find themselves in unexpected and possibly desperate circumstances. People often bend their own rules to survive and your character is of course free to do so. And maybe, just maybe, they enjoyed themselves more than they ever expected to.

We just ask that you keep this personal growth as IC as possible and show as much of the character's thoughts and reactions to their changing circumstances as you can.

What kinds of events/curses occur in game?

It really all depends on the whim of Atia or, occasionally, some of the other gods. Most will tie back to sex in some way or another, as that will always remain Atia's top priority, but other stuff happens as well! Fluff and gifts and action/adventure/power events have been known to happen. Whatever they might be, all events are always totally optional!

And if you happen to have any great ideas for events, curses or plots you'd like to see, we encourage you to email the mod account, contact one of the mods so it can be recorded, or drop us a line on our Event Suggestions post. The more detailed you are with your suggestion, the better! We make no promises or guarantees that it will be used, but ideas can only help!

Are there any event specific rules?

All events and curses that take place in Amat will be explained in detail in a mod post posted to the OOC community about a week before the event is to take place. This is to give players time to ask questions and plot with other players to enrich their event/curse experience.

The only rule pertaining specifically to curse events is that in the case of personality changing events/curses, characters are NOT to ICly know they have been cursed, unless otherwise specified by a mod.

What are your hiatusing explanations?

Players on hiatus have several options for their characters. They may choose to put their character into the forest, put them on "autopilot", or for shorter hiatuses when the character has died, into Purgatory, as well as a couple other options.

For the official rule on hiatuses, please see the Rules page.

If you are already a player, see the official hiatus page for more details. The post is locked to members.

I've heard my character can get favors from the goddess?

Every so often, we open the door for 'Goddess Favors', which allows your characters to receive blessings from Atia herself. You can find more information at the Goddess Favors page.

Will characters have their powers?

Not when they arrive. Any supernatural power which would exceed just barely above the limits of human maximums is suppressed upon arriving in Amat.

Should your character wish to 'regain' some or all of their powers, they may eventually do so through the Favor system by performing an Advanced Goddess Favor. Please see the Game FAQ on Activity Check for more details on this opportunity.

Can my character have sex with the same person over and over?

Sure. If it's an IC development, we have no problems with it. We do encourage all players, however, to go out and tag and build CR with others. Tag someone new every now and then, you never know what awesome things might result!

Events, curses and several other ooc posts, such as CR with Me and other memes are constantly happening all over the communities to foster CR and friendship between characters and players.

How should I tag my posts?

Upon acceptance to the game, your character will be assigned a tag that is written in the following order:

Canon Name: (HERE): Actual Name: (HERE)

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