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Application FAQ


This is a must read page with important information regarding appability and the whole application process. If you have any further questions regarding apps that aren't answered somewhere on this page, please email the mods at DO NOT send your applications here.

Apps must be sent to

Apps are OPEN. Always. However, we do have a Reserves Page that is open from the 1st of the month until the 7th of every month.

If you are asked to get Mod Permission before apping your character regarding anything below, do so via email at Failure to do so is subject to an Auto-Reject.

The App & How to Write It


When are applications/reserves open?

Reserves OPEN the 1st of each month at 12:01am GMT. They CLOSE every 6th of each month at 11:59pm GMT.

Applications are OPEN all the time.

Can I reserve/apply anonymously or with a sockpuppet?

Yes, you are free to use a sock journal to reserve/apply, if you so choose. However, if you already play a character in Amat you must inform the mods of your intention to apply anonymously.

What is the character limit?

Currently, everyone is allowed to reserve and apply for up to two (2) characters per application round.

Players in the game are allowed to play up to six characters without mod approval.

If they would like to apply for two more past this limit (up to a total of eight), then they must email the mods for permission. This email must include activity for all of their current characters from the past month. Such requests are not automatic and will be granted on a case-by-case basis.

Can I apply for more than one character from a series?

Yes, possibly, though mod permission is needed before doing so by sending an email to:

Do not apply without receiving permission first or you will be denied. You may need to justify yourself if you ask. Try to do so at least a week before Reserves open, to ensure the mods have time.

Is it acceptable to mix two canons (book, movie, manga, anime, etc.) when applying?

Generally speaking, no. However, there are some exceptions, as sometimes two canon mediums are very similar or even identical, save for presentation. If you are unsure if your fandom would be an exception or not, PM or email the mods to be certain.

When can I app from a new canon or a new point in canon?

A canon must be one month old in order to be apped from. This refers to the canon point apped from in the case of periodicals such as comic books or manga. The issue in question must be one month old at the start of the month you are apping your character in.

The exception to this rule is TV - we do not require episodes to be one month old when TV characters are apped.

Icons & PBs. What is or isn't allowed?

If your character is being significantly changed from their canon appearance (transformer -> humanoid) or they have no canon images (i.e. characters from novels), please list in your application the PB you plan on using for them.

However, if your character has canon, official or even non-official, fanart images, you are required to use those to avoid confusion with other characters who may later be apped into the game, unless mod permission is granted otherwise. You are also allowed to use images of people cosplaying as your character, if you want.


Do you accept original/AU/AR characters?

No. Only canon versions of characters can be applied for and played in Amat. However, if the canon itself has AU/AR versions of a character, those would be okay.

Do you accept characters from webcomics or other webmedia?

It depends. Amat presently only accepts characters from canons which have been published by a third-party. Thus, if a webcomic has gone into print or a web based series has been put on DVD, that is, a publisher has made copies available for sale to the public, then characters from that canon may be eligible for application.

If this is the case, the character must be taken from a point in their canon which is in print, even if there is more of the comic available online. Likewise, canon updates for these characters will be allowed only to points that have gone into print.

Thus, while allowed, webcomic characters can oftentimes be difficult to app successfully as there may not be enough information or canon material in print on which to base an application.

Can we apply for "doubles" of characters?

Short answer: no.

Unless you're applying from a canon with double characters (Doctor Who has more than one Doctor, with multiple incarnations), this is not allowed. For example, if the game has a comics-Batman, a movie-Batman is not allowed.

What characters CANNOT be applied for in Amat?

Amat does NOT accept applications for children at the age of ten or below, as it is felt they are not mentally suitable for participation in Amat's setting. This does not necessarily apply to artificial life forms, such as computers, robots, or clones. For example, characters such as Jenny from Dr. Who or Luke from Tales of the Abyss would be exempt.

Additionally, if a character, animal or otherwise, does not show a clear understanding of human thoughts and sentience, then they cannot be applied for in Amat. Thus, while we would accept an application for Goofy, we would not accept an application for Pluto.

Finally, we do not accept applications for player driven characters (ones that can have everything from gender to backstory to personality completely defined by player choices) in video games. This includes the player character from games such as Fallout, or Dragon Age: Origins.

Once again, as in all cases, if you're unsure a character is appable, please do contact us via e-mail to be certain they are before submitting your application.

What if my character is between 11 and 18 in canon?

While ALL CHARACTERS must fill out a suitability section as part of their application, any characters perceived to be over the age of 11 and under the age 18 MUST complete the suitability section of the application, adding how their character will deal with sex in this situation to be considered and will be judged on a case by case basis for their suitability. If you have questions whether this applies to your character, please do not hesitate to contact or email the mods at

These underage characters will find themselves physically "aged up" to an adult eighteen (18) to be eligible for arrival on Atia. They will have no recollection of the time between their canon point and eighteen and should show no mental changes due to this. Please make sure this is clearly reflected in your application if you are applying for a character falling into this age range.

If the character you're looking to apply is fifteen (15) or younger and you have concerns about their ability to adapt to Amat's environment, you have the option to have them routed through Gryta, Amat's child island, prior to arriving on the island of Atia.

On Gryta they will be aged up mentally and emotionally to sixteen (16) prior to arriving on Atia physically aged up. This information must be clearly denoted in your application so it is not perceived to be headcanon. If this is an option you wish to hear more about, please contact the moderators for more information.

My character is an animal/furry/robot/something completely non-humanoid. Can I still apply as them?

We do not accept applications for animals that do not show a clear, sentient thought process on a human level.

If that is not an issue for your character, then YES! you may apply for them (provided they have sufficient canon information to be applicable, of course). However, if accepted, all non-humanoid looking characters will become mostly "humanoid" in appearance on arriving in Atia. It is possible they may retain some of their physiological traits, but they must be mostly human in appearance as Amat does not allow bestiality. The IC reason for this is that Atia needs everyone to be fairly compatible in physical terms so they can hook up and keep her island afloat.

For example, a character from Watership Down would probably end up looking something like Fran from Final Fantasy 12. However, characters like Transformers will most likely be turned to mostly human.

If you have any questions as to what peculiar physical traits your character may or may not keep on arriving in Atia that were not answered somewhere on this page, please feel free to email the mod account at or contact one of the mods with your question.

What if my character doesn't have the parts to have sex?

In Atia, they will be bestowed them!

Will characters have their powers?

Not when they arrive. Any supernatural power which would exceed just barely above the limits of human maximums is suppressed upon arriving in Amat.

Should your character wish to 'regain' some or all of their powers, they may eventually do so through the Favor system by performing an Advanced Goddess Favor. Please see the Game FAQ on Activity Check for more details on this opportunity.

What about non-human biological/physiological quirks?

It depends.

As mentioned above, characters who are a species other than human in their canon might be able to retain some of their species specific traits, physical or not, provided they have mod approval. 'So long as this quirk does not give the character an advantage over humans, you may ask for permission from the mods to keep it.

My character has some incurable disease, what will happen to them in Atia?

They will arrive ill, however, healthcare in Atia is great. Most likely, they will be able to take some medication to stop it from spreading, if it can't be totally healed. If it's the sort of disease that has a cure in present day, it is curable on Atia as well. There will be instances of errors occurring however - perhaps a disease breakout. Who knows.

What can my character arrive on Atia with?

Your character may arrive on Atia with whatever items were in their possession at the time that they were pulled to Atia. These will be folded and neatly stored next to the bed at the time that they awake. Additionally, if they require something to be able to move (e.g. Wheelchair), this will also be made available to them.

As a rule of thumb, your character should logically arrive with only the sort of items that could be carried in a backpack or duffle bag, worn on their person or carried easily in their possession. Anything more would require permission from the mods. All items on their person that have supernatural powers will be depowered and 'normal' objects of mundane value.

Anything of technological capacity beyond the 21st century Earth will be either inoperable or depowered to 21st century Earth levels, unless it is required for the survival of your character.

What happens to in-game CR when characters are dropped and/or re-apped?

Largely, that is up to the players themselves. Characters that have been re-applied after having previously been on Atia have one of two options.

The first is to have no recollection of their previous stay(s) on the island. Characters are free to assume that the deities have blocked or stolen these memories from them. Both samples on the application should reflect this lack of knowledge. This tends to most often be the case. Alternatively, if they are to be played by the same mun who previously had them in the game, they also have the option to return with some or all of their memories of their previous stay on the island. Both samples in the re-application should reflect this prior knowledge of Atia. However, this is not required and players who re-app are free to reset their characters to no memories if they so choose.

As for the characters in-game who knew the character previously, unless they too have dropped and been re-apped by a different player in the itnermim or lost their memories for some other reasons, they will most likely remember the character having been there before if they had CR.

We do not expect anyone who plays a character that may have previously been on Amat to pursue that character's previous CR, but they are of course free to do so, if they choose.


How are applications judged?

Moderators and a group of Amat players make up the app team. When an application is submitted, any app team member may read and vote on the application. App team members have the option to vote either accept, reject or revise. Whatever their vote, they are required to provide reasoning supporting their vote choice. Occasionally, decisions are not clear cut, and may require discussions and more votes before reaching a final decision. Generally though, when any application has received two matching votes, the moderators will contact the player notifying them of the app team's decision on their application.

Why does it take so long?

On average, Amat can receive over a dozen applications per round. Coupled with any revisions that might have been requested, and depending on what is going on irl for our app team members, things can sometimes get a little bogged down. Generally, all a long wait usually means is that your canon is one that the application team isn't familiar with and requires research or a part of your application requires some discussion before we can get back to you with a verdict.

However, if you have not heard anything from us in over a week, please feel free to send another email with the same subject as your application or to contact one of the mods, by either email or aim [Mod Contacts].

Before emailing us or contacting a mod though, please check your spam mail folder to make sure that our reply hasn't gotten lost in transit, as we have had issues in the past with certain e-mail providers.

I've been asked for revisions! What does that mean?

The application team usually requests revisions when there is something about the application that is either missing or is unclear. This does not mean your application is poor. It simply means we would like to see clarifications or expansions to certain sections. We will try to be as clear as we can be in our reasoning for why a revision was requested. Should these reasons not be clear enough, please consult a mod for further details.

We allow 72 hours (3 days) for revisions to be sent back to us. Should this time limit be passed, you will need to wait until the next round before submitting your application again. If extenuating circumstances pop up that might prevent timely submission of revisions, please contact a moderator.

Now that my application has been declined, what happens?

Unfortunately, this means you cannot apply for that specific character until the next application round opens. However, you may still apply for another character if you have not submitted another application this round, as the app limit is two applications per round.

We allow applicants three chances to apply for a specific character. If your application is declined on three separate occasions, we will ask that you not reapply for that character again without speaking to a moderator first.

What happens if someone applies for a character, is accepted, and then doesn't reply to the acceptance?

Players who do not respond to their acceptance email will be sent a reminder e-mail after a few days. If they do not reply to this email, it is quite possible they may not be admitted to the communities, as the only way the mods have of knowing who is and isn't allowed in is via the replies to these acceptance e-mails. Additionally, this may subject a character to having to provide a full AC requirement for the month they were accepted in, as the exemption list for new characters is composed from the replies to this e-mail.


I have questions about how my application was judged, where can I send it?

If you have received feedback on your application, you may email the app or mod account for further elaboration. Keep in mind that the mods may need to defer to the application team for clarifications.

Send ALL applications to

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