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Application Writing How-To's


So you want to write a stellar app and you're curious what the app team is looking for, specifically, from each section. Then you've come to the right place. This page has a breakdown, by section, of what the mods and the app team members are looking for when judging apps. If you have any questions that aren’t answered by this page, please email the mods at DO NOT send your applications here. Apps must be sent to

Apps are OPEN. Always. However, we do have a Reserves Page that is open from the 1st of the month until the 7th of every month.

If you are asked to get Mod Permission before apping your character regarding anything below, do so via email at Failure to do so is subject to an Auto-Reject.



If you reserved the character, please list the SAME JOURNAL you used to place the reserve. We cannot stress this enough. The journal listed on the app is the only way we can match up the reserve to an app, which is very important if we get any challenge apps. If you don't list the reserving journal and we cannot match your app to a reservation, your reserve may be forfeit.

As for what kind of journal you use, we're not picky. Feel free to use your personal journal or a sockpuppet account or a character journal and just list it here.

Birthday and Age

Your legal birthdate (month and year) and age. If you are under 18, you cannot join this game. By giving your age here you are stating you are legally allowed to view the content of this game. This information, in this format, is not negotiable.

Characters Played

Only list the characters you currently play in Amat. If you're new to Amat or apping anonymously, you may simply list "N/A". However, you must write something so we can know the section wasn't ignored.

PLEASE NOTE that to app a character anonymously, players must first e-mail and receive mod permission prior to submitting their application.

Re-App Status

Please state whether you have played this character in Amat Omnes before or not, and whether you wish for them to retain memories or development from their previous time here. Remember, we only want canon information in the application itself unless a section specifically requests otherwise from you.



The character's full name, given in the order they use it in canon. E.G. Uzumaki Naruto or Chris Redfield. Do not use titles or nicknames unless the character lacks a canonical name.


This is pretty straightforward. List the series or canon your character is from here. If there are multiple media version of a canon, please list the version from which you are applying. For example, Naruto (anime) or Bleach (manga). As a rule, canon mixing is not allowed. Book!Sherlock Holmes and BBC!Sherlock Holmes can not be combined in one character. If a case can be made that one version is only a near direct adaptation of another, this must receive Moderator Permission first by E-Mail. Refusal to do this is cause for App Denial.


A wiki article, an official website, or anything that gives some information on the character and series. If the series is very obscure, please link us to places where we might be able to read it (in case of manga) or to an IMDB listing so that we can try to find it ourselves to watch (in case of TV shows or movies). An impartial website (something isn't a pairing listing, for example) is also sufficient.

In some cases and with mod permission only, we may allow applicants to provide their own biographies and summaries. There are some canons with very little, if any, information available on the web or even translated into English, so providing this information for us in the app is a good way to show the applicant is knowledgeable about the source material and helps us judge the app. Please contact the mods at to get permission.

Canon Point

A simple statement of the specific point which you are taking your character from, such as chapter 3, episode 67, etc, will suffice here.

That said, when it comes to new series, we require a one month wait period from the original air date of the first episode before a series is appable. This does not apply to new episodes, chapters, or other installments. Movies all require a one month wait (even sequels). Books and other media that comes with long gaps between episodes are dealt with on a case-by-case basis, and an early canon point from a sequel may not spoil anything new for some like it would in others.


We're looking for both physical and mental gender here. Elaborate further only if needed.


Typically, this will also be a straightforward response for most characters. If no canon age is specified, then please supply one using your best judgment and canon examples.

In the cases of some characters, however, physical age and true age do not always match up. If the character is one of those who are thousands of years old but looks very young (such as Evangeline from Negima), this needs to be pointed out in this section. Remember we do not accept characters aged 10 and under. and characters who are 11 or 12 are only accepted with prior mod approval AND an acceptable suitability section referring to age.



Because Amat is a prose based game, we expect a prose description of your character here, so please paint us a quick picture of what your character looks like or will look like here. While this does not need to be a terribly long description, this section is particularly important for characters who are being turned human or are being aged up! Remember, every character must LOOK humanoid and 18 or older.

If for whatever reason the character you are apping requires the use of a PB (an actor/celebrity/person picked to portray them), please state who you are intending to use as a PB in this section.



This must address whether or not the character is capable of handling the rigors of living on their own, finding employment/food, subsisting within a normal society. It must also address how your character will specifically handle being forced to have sex. We are concerned less with 'do they know how to have sex and will they' unless the character is younger than 16 or shows signs of being unaware of sex in their canon. We want to know if the character can handle psychologically being forced to do this in a permanent dub-con situation.


What we're looking for in this section is CANON ONLY evidence of the character's orientation. So whatever you choose to list here, make sure it can be backed strongly by purely canon evidence and examples. If none exists, feel free to say ‘unknown’.

Essentially, this section is simply looking for your understanding of the character's orientation in canon and as a part of their personality, since, given the nature of the game, this factors into their ICness. While in Atia though, characters are welcome to explore whatever sexual opportunities that may arise for them so long as they remain IC in their reactions to such situations.


This should explore:
a) Key Canon Relationships and their development
b) Motivations, drives, goals, fears, emotional tendencies, etc.
c) How they behave in both stressful situations and non­-stressful ones
d) Any other personality traits you feel bring out the best (or worst) in your character

Re-App Changes

Re-App Changes: In this section, you will need to detail character development that occurred while your character was previously in Amat Omnes. Please focus on Personality, Orientation, and Suitability as applicable. Remember, this is the ONLY section that should cover any such in-game developments; please use only canon information and examples in the other sections.

This section, however, is for game canon. Please support all development with an explanation of how it came to pass (e.g. Lisa is less shy now, because a goddess favor required her to speak in public excessively, helping her to overcome some of her social anxiety.) Try to be as specific as possible when it comes to what triggered development, but you do not have to detail everything that happened during your character's stay. You may also include any major changes to Appearance (e.g. Thanatos took Bobby's arm, and you would like it to still be missing.)

Please note that characters who had previously been granted use of special powers or abilities through Advanced Goddess Favors in their prior stay will NOT retain them. If you have any questions regarding a character's status upon reapping please contact the mods prior to submitting your app.



Samples are designed to get an idea of how you write the character as well as how well you understand the setting. Amat requires both a 1st person sample and a 3rd person sample. To that end, we allow samples to be given in three different ways:

  • You may pick any two writing prompts from below (first and/or third) and use them as your samples. First person samples must be at least five sentences and Third person samples must be at least 200 words.
  • You may link us to your TDM thread; action spam comment threads must have 15 comments by you. Prose threads in third person must have 6 comments by you.
  • You may link us to any meme thread that has taken place in the last 30 calendar days, but the above applies; action spam comment threads must have 15 comments by you. Prose threads in third person must have 6 comments by you.

  • Of the samples you write or link, one sample MUST address your character's attitude towards sex and/or sexual situations. While you may always fade to black or handwave in game, there must be SOME indicators of how your character is as a sexual creature in one of the samples. The app team will always reserve the right to ask for a written sample if linked samples do not contain a discernible "voice" of the character being apped.

    Certain elements are required in each sample and an application may be returned for revision if they are not included. In that case, you may either revise that prompt or provide a different one. Just remember that when reviewing these samples, what we are most closely looking for is a good illustration of distinctive and unique character voice, personality and behavior. Thus, whichever samples you choose to write, please try to make them strongly and clearly reflect your grasp of that character's voice and personality, whether in their thoughts or their actual dialogue. It should also match the information provided in the Character Interpretation sections. The samples should be a clear and cohesive extension of what is in the Character Personality.

    If you are re-apping a character that you have previously played in Amat Omnes and wish to have retain those memories, your samples must reflect any changes that have occurred during the character's previous stay(s) as detailed in the "Re-App Changes" section. This includes both the character's reactions to being on the island again as well as any changes or development in personality or otherwise that may have occurred.


    Your character has just arrived on the island and this is the first time they are using the network device to attempt contact with other characters. Perhaps they just woke up and are panicked. Maybe they’ve been wandering the island for a few days and are finally giving it a go. This sample should be at least five sentences long and demonstrate your character’s voice through strong dialogue and action. This sample can be video, voice or text and either accidental or on purpose. Dialog and brackets detailing actions, expressions and thoughts are completely acceptable and encouraged if you think they will add to the sample. It should be written in first person and should illustrate the character’s awareness that they are in a new place and situation. and should include some mention of the collar and any changes in themselves they have experienced. (See Third Person Prompt One for more details.)


    Your character is seeking something. Another character, a job, a collar partner, a favorite flavor of ice decide. The goal in this sample is to show how they would interact with their fellow captives, how they would present themselves in what could be a vulnerable moment. Or would they be demanding? Let us see how they behave when they need something. This sample can also be video, voice or text and either accidental or on purpose. Dialog and brackets detailing actions, expressions and thoughts are completely acceptable and encouraged if you think they will add to the sample. It should be written in first person.


    This is an open prompt. You may write on any topic you like, but the sample must indicate something about how the character reacts to the setting and how they chose to communicate with their fellow captives. Dialog and brackets detailing actions, expressions and thoughts are completely acceptable and encouraged if you think they will add to the sample.


    Your character has just arrived on Atia. They are in a strange place, with a collar on, and perhaps they have been changed in fundamental ways. In a third person sample, tell us how they react. For this sample you MUST include references to the setting:

    ❧ Reaction to waking up in a Greco-Roman room. There are silk-soft sheets, ornate columns, expensive furniture and the smell of sea salt lingering in the air. There are windows that open out to provide a great view of the island and the city below. This place is probably unlike anything your character may have seen. What do they think of it?

    ❧ Reaction to their collar. All characters wake up completely nude save for their new collar, so it's likely they'll notice that's all they're wearing sooner or later. And no matter how they try, no attempts to remove the collar, by any means, will ever succeed. How does your character react to this? What are their thoughts and feelings on this strange occurrence?

    ❧ Alternatively, some characters who have canon necklaces or collars might not realize there's something different about their jewelry at first. If so, you can make a quick OOC note just before the sample letting the app team know the situation and just make a passing mention of their collar or necklace in the sample itself (i.e. "She could tell the only thing she was wearing was her regular necklace").

    ❧ Reaction to any physical/power changes. Characters being turned human or significantly more humanoid would definitely notice this the second they looked down at themselves and/or walked by a mirror. Show how they react to the different body, the loss of strength, having to walk on two feet, or having fingers, etc. Tell us what they think of these unasked for changes. Are they happy/sad/curious/angry? What's the first thing they do when they discover this change?

    Similarly, characters who are aged up more than a few months or so would probably notice the height, the muscles, the extra curves and any other maturity differences. How do they react and what are their thoughts?

    Also, any characters that had powers in their canon will now be stripped of them. Characters may notice their loss now or later, depending on the power in question. How does this make them feel? What are they going to do?


    Your character has just experienced either an amazing sexual encounter or a very vivid dream the night before waking. Your character may likely wake up in their own nocturnal emissions and could be experiencing a lingering sated feeling. Perhaps there is pain or soreness as though they'd physically been intimate the night before, even if they cannot recall any specifics, maybe there is just confusion and embarrassment for having had such a graphic dream, or possibly a longing for their dream lover.

    Whether the encounter is physical or purely a dream is up to the applicant, but characters should react in a realistic manner to either situation. How do they feel? What do they think? What will they do?

    This third person prompt may be answered with explicit details of the encounter or as only a fade to black/reaction piece. The most important part is how your character thinks about sex and about the encounter. If it is a dream, you may refer to a canon castmate. If it is a remembered actual encounter, please keep it to canon events.


    Your character is experiencing one of the main joys of life on Atia--their collar has tightened for the first time. Soon, like it or not, they will have to either find sexual release or face death. In this prompt, please detail how they feel about facing this choice and what decisions they make about it. While you are not required to include an actual sexual encounter, you are certainly welcome to. If you do, we prefer that it be with an NPC because there is no promise of canon castmates in the game and curses frequently force the issue.


    This is an open prompt. You may write on any topic you like, but the sample must indicate something about how the character reacts to the setting and how they chose to interact with that setting. Perhaps your character is exploring the island, maybe they are shopping for a new hat. What is important is to show how your character is affected by where they are. Show not only their actions, but their internal thought process---their emotions.

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