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Technology and Imports in Atia

Technology & Imports in Atia

The place to go for all of your device and technology related questions. If you have any questions about technology or imports that aren't answered somewhere on this page, please email the mods at

The Devices
General Tech FAQ
Military Capabilities


All you ever wanted to know about the devices is probably here.

What are the devices like?
They are similar to today's smartphones, if you will, with text, voice and video chatting capabilities. Other simple programs are also present, like calendar, calculator and alarm features. Additionally, there are some security features available on the device, though they must be activated by the user.

On the device screen, users will icons that will allow the user to launch programs, very like the apps on smartphones today.

Also, it is worth noting that all communications made on the device are routed through Atia's network. Each and every device is set to automatically connect to the network upon launching of certain programs. The devices are the only things that can and will connect to the network.

For convenience and because she wants to try to win the collared citizens to her side with gifts, on her recent return, Atia updated all the devices to be a more user friendly experience. The devices now look like this : Atia's Devices.
How does the device work?
Just turn it on and launch a program by selecting its icon from the screen!

The characters on the keyboard are, as default, the common language of Atia, but can be adjusted to any language. As they are displayed by lights, users can activate different keyboards via the "keyboard" application and the keyboard will display the appropriate letters/characters. If it is a complicated language, like some forms of Chinese, a drawing recognition program will open on one corner of the active screen so the user can "draw" the character on the screen.

All of the communication programs, that is the "network", "text", "audio" or "video", on the device will automatically connect the device to the network if launched.

Characters can use the other programs, like the calendar or alarm features without necessarily connecting to the network. Careful with them though, these devices often seem to have a mind of their own and will spontaneously turn on and broadcast sometimes ;)

Additionally, characters may set up a password on their device or use the biometric finger print scanner program (if they know what that is) to secure their device, although devices are not initially secured in any manner.

Note: When a character received their device upon entry, they were assigned a unique user number which is programmed into the device for them with their real name, the same way phone numbers are assigned to phones. Characters may choose and change their display name, which is what will show on the network when a user connects, but may not change their actual name without considerable effort. In fact, by the time you got so far as changing your name, someone would have noticed and stopped you.
So how do characters check the network?
Characters can check the network by clicking on the "Network" icon. This will launch the network home page which looks ~remarkably similar~ to the amatomnes page (or a typical LJ F-list) and would show all the posts made to the network in reverse chronological order from newest to oldest posts.

Each post will show a display name and a small, user-selected picture to identify the original poster. Characters can select to play the video or audio posts and may of course read the text posts manually. Alternatively, there is an option to make the device scroll automatically, playing the video and voice posts aloud for the user as it does so.

Of interest, results can be filtered through searches for particular individuals or businesses, which would allow a user to check the history of an individual user's posts.
Are there webpages/internet/etc.?

The Atia network is an intranet, like what you might find in a school or business. There is no way to access any other network.

That said, all the posts made will have a unique identificaiton number that will allow characters to bookmark them for later reference, working similarly to a webpage, if not exactly the same. Many of the business employ this technique to list their important basic information and menus.
Do natives have devices/computers/anything to connect to the network?
Most no, but this is by choice. The natives prefer their traditional methods of communications and are quite social in person. As it's a small island, this is not all that hard to accomplish.

NPC businesses are more likely to have them and utilize them for business related purposes.
Alright, so how do characters post/comment to the network?
On the device screen they would select the icon to make either a "Video Post" and "Audio Post" or a "Text Post". Activating any of these programs will immediately connect them to the network.

Audio/Video. A record option will show on the screen. As soon as they hit record, they will commence live broadcasting and will continue to do so until the character opts to stop recording or the device times out (similar to the way Skype works).

Text. Text posts work more like text messages. Launch this program, draft your post accordingly and hit "submit". This will make it go live on the network.

Similarly, on selecting to reply to any posts, they will see options to "Reply with Text", "Reply with Voice" or "Reply with Video". They will also see an option that would allow them to make their replies private or filtered.

Note that while you can direct or private your communications to a particular individual or group, it is still on the network itself (in the way a private or custom friends group DW-post is still a post on DW, just directed to a select individual or group of people).

There are multiple settings that will allow characters to set a default method for their device posts and communications and all sorts of nifty little features if character take the time and have the skills to find them.
Do characters see DW-icons?
No. As a player, you can OOCly interpret the icons to be the IC tone or general expressions the characters are conveying in their voice or video posts/replies.
Accidental posts?
As with all things Atian, the devices are subject to the whims of the goddess and occassionally hiccup and start broadcasting without a user's permission. Most often though, it is likely they were bumped or fell in such a way that the recording buttons were activated.

Players are free to assume that video/voice posts, after a certain amount of time, simply time out. There need not be any criteria; the cameras and mics use sensors to sense when they think real posting has stopped, then continue for some time after that, so you can use your imagination and make your accidental posts as long as you like.
How does "Private/Filtered To" work?
Among the various settings available on your device, you can create custom groups the way you can on most social networking sites. Thus, when a character wants to make something private, they can activate the private feature before recording/drafting their posts or replies and choose the users who may view it.

Alternatively, to make only part of the post private, activate the privacy setting right before the section of your post you want filtered/private and close it when you're done. This will work very similarly to the LJ-cut feature and hide that section of the post/reply behind a tag.

Once this is added, that part of message will be encrypted to be viewable only by the people specified. If your character tries to click on the cut-tag that they are not encrypted to view, they would simply get a quick message saying they are "not authorized to view this entry." By default, this is a moderate encryption. More secure encryption can be applied by people with the know-how and less secure encryption are also possible for characters who are just kind of failboat at computers.
How does hacking a privated entry work?
In terms of character's entries, because of the way the privacy filter works, the more technically minded you are, the more likely you are to be able to "force" your encryption to match that of the person you're hacking.

However, be sure to get the other player's permission before hacking, even it's labeled anything other than easily hackable, as this can be godmodding. Also, please make sure that your character has sufficient technical know-how to successfully hack an entry. Additionally, consider if your character really has any reason to be hacking. Players who godmod others by hacking their entries without permission are subject to discipline.
Can we post as other characters or anonymously?
Short answer: Not really.

Since the devices are keyed to particular user names and numbers, any communications made from that person's device will always show up on the network as being from that person. If you would like your character to post as another person's character, then they would need to be making the post from that person's device. Please make sure you get the other player's permission prior to attempting this.

Anonymously: Occassionally, Atia or another of the deities may allow anonymous posting on certain entries. However, this isn't a very frequent occurence and one should always take care when playing with the gods, for they have been known to change their minds down the road and un-anon everything.

Largely, however, no, anonymous posting wouldn't really work, again because of the way the devices are made. It isn't that we doubt characters' intelligence or know-how or skill to do this in their own canon, but if a sex-craving goddess abduct people out of time and space, it's more than possible she can make a largely unhackable network.

That said, we understand that some people may wish to post anonymous for the sake of a plot, so if your character would really like to hack the device to show anonymously, please contact the mods at While you are most likely to get caught, there may be times when the system is vulnerable and thus allow characters to do this. We do not guarantee to approve the plot though, as generally, we would like to limit this kind of behavior. Alternatively, you could try to obtain an 'anonymous' devices via a goddess favor.
Can my character have two devices?
Yes and no. While they may own as many devices as they wish, they can only ever have one device connected to the network at any given time.

Devices can be assumed to have technology similar to CDMA technology (think Verizon or Sprint cellphones). Thus, rather than the use of an insertable, interchangeable card, the information on the device is programmed into the hardware itself. Only the shops listed above have the necessary tools and machines available to change the information, and just as a cell phone number cannot exist on more than one cell phone at a time, neither can a device's userID.

Characters may receive an extra functional device via goddess favour, but for now that is the only means to achieve this.
Can my character hack and program their own device?
If your character would like to hack the device for purposes of doing things like changing the user interface and making simple apps (games, timers, etc.), they may, but keep in mind that the process will involve decompiling the existing code, figuring out the coding language (which will be like nothing they've seen before), and then coding up whatever they want to make. If your character messes up in the process, they may very well render the device unusuable and will have to get a new device.

If you have no idea what any of that meant, try Google, you'll want to know those things before considering such a plot.

For any other scenario, please contact a moderator about this with details of how and what they want to do with it.
Can my character make something to track the devices?
At the moment, no. If you need an IC reason why your character would not be able to figure the signal out, it can be presumed that the signal and its encryption seems to be constantly fluctuating, with no discernible pattern for the time being.

Characters can send out the coordinates of their physical location, but once they move from that place, they would have to send them out again. This aids in helping others locate them. They cannot be tracked without their knowledge, however, as the phones are not GPS enabled.
What happens to the devices when...?
A character dies and is in Purgatory? When the person vanishes about half an hour after dying, so too does their device. No one really knows where it goes, but it appears with them when they reawaken. And while characters do not have their devices in Purgatory with them, the device itself can still receive messages.

A character goes into the forest? The device stays wherever they left it, or it can be kept on hand. Technically it is still usuable and can still receive messages, however, there will be no answer. It's the same as if a cell phone's battery had died and all messages were routed to voicemail.

A character "goes home"/is dropped? The device disappears and that character can no longer be messaged as their unique user ID will be removed from the network. After attempting to send a message to a dropped character, the sender's message will bounce and they will receive an 404 error notice saying that "user cannot be found".
What happens if my character's device gets broken/damaged/stolen?
There are two shops, one in the first district and one in the second, that can repair or replace devices for a small fee. The natives in these shops tend to be fairly friendly, as they are quite used to dealing with the collared islanders and their device problems, but the process isn't one that should take too long.

Unlike car or cellphone salesmen who might constantly try to get you buy up, the devices are a government sanctioned and subsidized product so there's no incentive for that. All the devices are the same and cost the same, so its simply a matter of the character picking up a new one and paying for it.

If a device is damaged so severely that it would take more than an hour to repair, a character will be told they must purchase a new device.
Who maintains the network?
That's unknown for now.


Information on non-device technology available on Atia.

What is the technology in Atia like?
The average technology on the island is that of the 1980's United States, with nothing exceeding the technology available as of 1990. There is indoor plumbing and electrical wiring, electricty and power outlets in all homes and businesses unless specifically built without them, excluding most Temples and Shrines. Most of the homes and small businesses, however, do not have air conditioning units unless they are owned by the very rich. The general populance does fine with open windows and ceiling fans to circulate the cool ocean breezes. Larger businesses can be built with Central AC, though the cost of building and maintianing the building are significantly higher than those without.

Also, this means the machines, appliances and electronics on Atia will only have features that were commercially available at that time. Essentially, if it didn't exist before 1990 on Earth, it's unlikely to be found on Atia or this world unless it was goddess favored in or created on the whim of the goddess. For day to day living this means more digital displays, updated appliances and gadgets, more compact and easier to use microwaves. And slapwatches. Ones that glow in the dark.
Where does the electricity come from?
Remember when we said the island was fueled by sex? :) Due to the power outage in Jan 2013 that brought about the technology update, it's become more apparent that there is no actual 'power plant' on the island and most of the power comeds directly from the sexual activities of the residents.
What if my character arrives with their own electronics?
Characters can have and own the technology they arrived with, but it is quite likely that they will either not work properly on Atia or will soon run out of power.

Cellphones, for example, will not get reception as there are no cell towers to transmit the signals. Addtionally, unless they were carrying their charger on their person at the time they arrived, they will most likely run out of power quickly as there are no cell phone chargers in Atia. Any phones the natives have are landline and usually contained to the businesses for the ordering of supplies. The natives are very socailable with each other and prefer to do their socializing face to face so very few personal residences will have phones.

Digital Cameras that can operate on batteries are allowed, as batteries do exist in Atia. The characters can possibly have these images removed and printed at the businesses that repair devices and pull images from them. This is a costly and time consuming process, however, as adaptors may need to be imported for these foreign models, if it is possible at all. It is recommended your character use their device instead.

Photographs taken on traditional Film cameras, on the other hand, can be printed off at various businesses and/or exposed via traditional darkroom processes. There are a few photography stores that sell such supplies.

Personal Music Players, such as iPods and CD players, will also not have chargers unless it was on your character at the time they were pulled from their canon. If a character came in with a charger for the device, then they will be able to use it, as there are electronic sockets and electricity. Adapters for different shaped plugs are available or importable if needed. Battery powered ones will play normally and there are plenty of cassette-tape playing 'Walkmans' available in electronics stores across the island.

Laptops. If your character came in with one, they can certainly keep owning it. Just remember there are no chargers for such things on the island and no programs, true tech support or internet to use. Without a charger, they'll run out of battery life quickly. Basically, they aren't going to be the most useful things. While the technology has been moved up to 1990, the native population hasn't embraced much it the way of personal computers. Any such technology is able to be made with the materials now available on the island (or imported by request), but it is not in any particular demand outside of parts of the collared population and as such all programming, from the OS on up, will have to be done by the characters wanting to make the computer.
Can my character build a computer/robot?
For most characters the answer is likely to be 'no'. While they might have the knowledge to do so, it is unlikely they will have or even be able to find the parts to do so. Computers are complicated and have many parts, such as motherboards, CPUs, video cards, power sources, connectors, etc. that simply do not exist on Atia. Furthermore, the entire operating system would have be programmed from scratch. Lastly, even if a character were to eventually build a functional computer, they would be unable to connect it to Atia's network, as it is set to only work with regulation devices. Note also that there is no Internet on Atia to connect to or other programs available for purchase or use.

That said, there have been quite a few tech-savy characters brought to the island that have managed to build somewhat 'depowered' models of robots they have been known to build in their own canon. Examples include Rikku's scout bots and Megamind's brainbots (Megamind is not currently on the island). With the technology having gotten better, the likelyhood of those who know how to build robots from scratch (in every possible way) doing so has gone up by a significant margin. This and this are very interesting reading material for those who believe their character will be able to build a computer from scratch.

The same could be said about robots, unless they are incredibly simplistic in nature. If you have any questions though, please feel free to email the mods regarding this.
Can my character build [insert other technology here]?
Again, they can try. And again, bear in mind that they would likely need to build everything from scratch, and while things such as sheet metal or metal poles might be available, the type of engine that they'd need, or certain fluids, molded plastic, or even rubber for tires would not be readily available, if available at all.

Since there is a limit of space on the island, there is not a dedicated 'scrapyard' and junk metal and pieces are regularly removed to the mainland.

Please email the mods requesting permission before deciding your character, no matter how technologically advanced they are in their canon, can build any type of device from scratch.
So are there any phones in Atia?
The devices work in part like cellphones in that messages can be directed and privated to indiviual persons.

And while there are landline telephones, they are not the most common and mostly stretch between native households and business only. Cellphones do not exist in Atia natively, and there is no cell phone coverage for those devices that may arrive with player characters.
Are there radios in Atia?
There are radios, but outside of a single Collared Radio station, not any with music that your characters would recognize as belonging to any artists they know. Rather, the music would be in the "style of" or "sound like" certain genres, but all the artists would be unknown to your characters as they are native to this world. The same goes for the music at native clubs and bars. The new devices came equipped with a program that allows them to tune into the Atian radio stations.

The Collared-run station has managed to aquire a few new recordings of music favored by some of the other collared as more musician arrived and some people had working music players to make recordings from showed up on the island. The majority of the music is, however, by unfamiliar artists of the world of Atia.
Are there TV's in Atia?
With the arrival of Atia's latest incarnation, magical TV-like devices have appeared in every home on Atia. Note that we say magical. In appearance, the TVs are roughly similar to an average 32" flat screen available today. It took less material and resources for Atia to make them this way. However! they are completely hollow on the inside and run on magical Atia aphrodisiac gas. Any character that attempts to take the TV apart for wires or parts will find themselves immediately inhaling this aphrodiasic gas and having their collar time reduced by a full day.

These TVs can be turned on and off and only have a few channels available. In keeping with the nature of the island, most of the channels have round the clock skin flicks playing, of the straight, gay and lesbian variety and most will feature or at least cameo everyone's favorite goddess ;)

The couple other channels that exist have intermittent programming of the native variety, often featuring Atia, and occassionally collared citizen programming finds its way on as well. If you are interested in having your character create TV programming, please contact the mods at
Are there VCRs/DVD players/video game systems in Atia?
Generally speaking, no. Most of the natives don't have a reason to record anything via VHS tapes, but should someone get the idea to start getting videos or making recordings of particular television shows and request the tech be imported, there could be an opportunity to create a market.

Likewise, no modern videogame consoles (or games to play on them!) exist on the island and wouldn't really be compatible with the magical TV's even if they were imported. However, the possibility of importing Arcade Machines with games similar to that of the time period is there for anyone who might think to take advantage of it. This would come at a very high cost, however.
What about movie theaters or other entertainment?
Yes, actually! As with the TVs, when Atia returned, she saw her citizens were seeking this sort of entertainment and gifted the island with a single screen movie theater. This has been fairly popular with the natives, but has not become a destination attraction for them.

To avoid potential fourth walling with other canons, all the magical movies are either the very stereotypical canned plots or B-grade Atian remakes of movies you might know. They will feature NPC natives and Atia herself, usually in the starring role. Note: any remakes will have all the necessary changes made to names and plot to avoid fourth walling of any characters. For example, "300" in Atia would be something like "3,000!" starring Atia as Leonipplellas screaming "THIS IS ATIA!!" or something equally over the top.

The Atian movie theater shows only two movies a month (so they change bi-weekly). Additionally, the last show of every evening will be of racier ratings to help put her residents in the "right mood." Presently, player characters cannot create or participate in movies.
Can characters buy appliances or electrical devices?
They sure can! Most stores should stock the things your characters may need on a daily basis. Keep in mind again, that they are all 1980s' versions, whether they be vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, microwave ovens, electric guitars, etc. Google and Wikipedia are very helpful if you wish to find out more about the history of modern electronics.

For those items that a character needs that may not be on the island, whether they be rare or expensive, a character might be able to import it.

Given the nature of the island, items such as vibrators and other sexual novelty devices and toys are loosely exempt from the technology cap requirement and might be more advanced or modern than other appliances or electronics on the island.


Vroom, vroom, baby. What you and your characters need to know about getting around on Atia.

What is transportation technology like in Atia?
Bicycles are the most common mode of transportation, along with the occasional carts, and of course walking.

This is because the majority of Atia was not designed for road traffic. Though there are some road, the roads that do exist are not paved very smoothly and are instead of the cobblestone variety or simply unpaved. Many of the streets are narrow and windy and some will even have stairs, depending on the terrain. Most of them are also built to facilitate water run-off with the side walks raised above the street by about a foot and 'stepping stones' placed every so often for people to cross without having to walk in the street itself if it's too wet. The stepping stones are spaced wide enough that carts can pass between them easily, as well as most bicycles and even motorcycle wheels. However, the majority of the city and the districts are really largely designed for foot traffic and will most often be covered in pedestrians and some cyclists.

That said, there are exactly 15 cars in Atia (not counting player characters). Three are ambulances in use by the hospital, while another two are used by the police force to help them in their cases and in emergencies, and one is a firetruck built via a joint effort by the collared and natives via the charitable efforts of Esther Blanchett (who is no longer on the island). There are two cars that have been brought in via Goddess Favor Requests to two of the Collared. The others are owned by NPC natives. The majority of the cars are are infrequently used as the island is fairly small and fuel is expensive and limited. About a dozen motorcycles are also present on the island, largely owned by collared residents. However, walking and bicycles still remain the main mode of transportation used on Atia.

No motor vehicles are allowed on the beaches save for emergency vehicles.

Additionally, there is a small tram system on Atia that is player run to make longer distance traveling a little easier for those without other vehicles. The tram runs on electricity and has stops near most of the major attractions of the island. [Map & Locations.]
Can my character own or drive a car?
As mentioned, the hospital and police force own five vehicles between them. Please contact players involved in those groups before utilizing those vehicles in any plots. One is a fire truck and two are collared owned. The remaining seven can be loaned out to non-natives and natives alike for a variety of things; delivery of items for business, taking a trip across districts, transporting a group of people, etc. There is also bit of an irregular taxi service (for a fee) for characters who do not drive. However, none of these vehicles are all that frequently used as fuel on the island is extremely limited and expensive and the island is fairly small.

While you do not necessarily have to get mod permission in order to use these vehicles, keep in mind that characters who cannot drive will not be allowed to use them themselves, and will need to have another NPC character to drive for them.

There is no opportunity right now for characters to own their own cars outside of Goddess Favors.
Can my character own/drive/build a motorcycle?
Presently, the mods are not accepting applications for further motorcycle imports as there are several on the island already and Atia really is not designed to handle that kind of traffic. However, it is possible a character may inherit a motorcycle if someone were to leave the island and bequeath it to them. If your character would just like to ride a motorcyle occassionally, please contact one of those players.

We would like to remind players that aside from being incredibly expensive to import the bike itself, fuel is very expensive and limited on the island. Additionally, the inhabited part of the island is not very large, which would make any ride fairly short in duration, where the road conditions even permit smooth riding.

As for building, while it may be theoretically possible for characters to build a motorcycle from scratch, keep in mind they would need to build the engine, the wheels, the fuel lines, chains, brakes, etc... all from scratch. Because motorcycles are not native to the island, characters should not and would not be able to easily find the parts needed to build one from scratch. Please check in with the mods for more information before you assume your characters may build any vehicle from scratch, as many parts would need to be either imported or obtained through goddess favours.

Imports in Atia

This information is ICly discoverable by characters and addresses most questions regarding imports on Atia.


Iullus Imports
Iullus Imports is a privately owned import/export business and the source of most of the technology on Atia. It is rumoured that Iullus may be related to Atia himself, for her to have granted him such a large and magnificent favour, or perhaps he's just one of Atia's most devout followers. He certainly isn't speaking. :)

From Illus, your characters may ICly request items that they could not otherwise find on Atia. Imports will taken between 7 to 14 days to recieve ICly, depending on the item.

OOCly, mod permission is required for any technology imports. Please EMAIL the mods at with the form below.

Note that anything too large, too futuristic, too magical, or something that may endanger the island itself is unlikely to be approved. If a character asks Iullus for an armoured tank with ten tons of ammunition, he would probably laugh at them.
Is there anything that I can't request?
There are certain items that we will reject, including items that are much too technologically advanced (such as items from thousands of years in the future) or items that are canon exclusive. These are better suited to be asked for as goddess favours.

Flying devices such as airplanes (even the small one-seater ones!), helicopters and the like are also not permitted. Likewise, motorcycles are currently no longer available for import.

Also, please remember that brand names do not exist on Atia or this world and cannot be imported. So while your character could request vodka be imported, they would not be able to request Belvedere or Grey Goose. All things brand can only be goddess favored in.
Can we stowaway on the ships and escape?
Illus is quite careful to keep an eye out for stowaways and will promptly turn his ship around to deliver them back to the island lest he anger his goddess.

However, any character who tries to stowaway on any of Iullus' ships and aren't caught will find their collars tightening at an alarming rate once they get too far from the island and approach the barrier. Characters will be unable to reset their collars quickly enough and the second the ships cross the mystical barrier surrounding the island if not before, the character will die from their collars.

Thus, any characters who try to escape by these means end up being recycled through Thanatos'system and waking back on the island in his temple.

Military Capabilities

What kind of miliatary and armed forces technology the natives have access to and use.

Since the day to day technology has been update to that of roughly 1990, then the military techology available should be the same, right?
No, actually. As stated in several descriptions on the Game Info & FAQs and the Map & Locations pages, particuarly in the information characters can learn about in the Libarary, the island and natives is a largely peaceful one. The first real 'war' that has come to it in the last 600 years was the most recent one between Demeter and Poseidon (May 2013, ICly). Any attempts by invading fleets to get a foothold on the island were stopped when the ships were still very far out to sea and never made it to the shore. The natives themsleves, other than those that serve as guards for the Temples and several of the more rowdy sort who live in the third district or fight occasionally at the coloseum, have little to no combat experience. Nor do they have any familiarity with guns. The closest most of the islands residents have ever gotten to a true weapon of war have been those who make a living hunting wild game in the Forest of Passions.
But aren't there guns on the island?
Yes, there are. These have been brought in or made by the collared. The shooting range with attached gun shop is run by Ziva David and all the weapontry sold within was put together by her or others she works with using imported parts that would do the job needed.
So what weapons do the natives use?
Bows and arrows, spears, and the occational sword for the most part. There are several self-taught weighted net masters among the many fishermen of the island and a good portion of the population are familiar with using a knife simply due to how often it's used in everyday butchering of meat and/or general cooking.

More experienced combatants - again, mostly guardsmen or those that frequent the coloseum's fighting floor - have knowledge of a wider array of weapontry that ranges across the medieval period spectrum. But this is a mere handful in comparison to the rest of the native population.

This does not mean the natives don't know how to use guns if they get their hands on them. Quite a few have seen a movie or three with antagonists that use them and the 'point and squeeze the trigger' method is easy to understand. They simply aren't violent enough as a whole in their everyday lives to want to use them. As some events ICly have shown, however, a few are willing to do so if pushed to a point they believe it's worth crossing that line.
Not even basic bombs or explosives?
Nope. The island of Atia is not a good one for mining so that kind of technology was never looked into. Any bombs or explosives would have to come in with a newly arrived collared character or be homemade.
Homemade with say, fertilizer?
No. The homemade of the fertilizer variety is not possible. The explosive chemical that makes those possible in real life is a mostly manufactured one (though it can occur naturally, of course) that is put into fertilizers which is then sold to farmers. The chemical does not occur naturally in the soil and rock of the island of Atia and due to the majority of crops being grown on Dei, as well as Demeter's mood in regards to their success or failure, little effort on the natives part has been put forth in advancing farming technologies. It's still very primitive and more energy is spent on appeasing the Goddess of the Harvest than making a better fertilizer.

Other kinds of homemade explosives are possible on a case by case basis - the mods would have to be spoken with so we could do research into their creation to determine if they're possible. We've done quite a bit of research on the fertilizer variety only because a particular troublemaker decided he wanted to blow up a temple and we wanted to make sure it was possible with the proposed methods of aquiring explosives.
There have been fireworks on the island before, what about them?
Fireworks get a pass for special IC occasions where a fireworks display would be cool to have. In general, though, they can only be used if a single use license is applied for before every purchase and every individual display is accounted for and set off by professional handlers.

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