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Palace of Atia
Atia's palace. It is huge and beautiful, reminiscent, like much of the architecture in Atia, of ancient Greco-Roman mansions. Nestled into the safety of the foothills of the Tenebrae mountains, just north of the first district, it watches over the island and its citizens. It's slight elevation makes it an immediately spottable location from almost anywhere on the inhabited part of the island, as Atia does not wish anyone to forget where they are and by whose...benevolence they are here.

This is where everybody starts out, in their own private room (at least, for the week), as there are hundreds of them.

The Rooms
The rooms one wakes in are the picture of classical antiquity and sumptuous wealth. The softest sheets you've ever felt on your skin adorn the beds, sheer canopies that dance gently in the ocean breeze floating through your over-sized double windows that afford you some of the best views of the city and island. For reference, think of something along the lines this or this.

The room will also have most of the amenities available in a hotel room, including and en suite bathroom with a sunken tub. And while there is no technical room service, if you flag down a maid, you may ask that something be brought up to your room.

Characters can stay in this room, free of charge, for up to one week from the date of their arrival before they will be asked to leave.

Three times a day, in the banquet halls and smaller dining rooms, the palace will provide full course meals to its present inhabitants. The chime of bells ringing throughout the palace signifies the start of each meal and it is up to the guests to get down there on time, if they are planning on partaking. While food can be requested at odd hours, the staff prefers it if you don't as they work hard on these meals.

The Maids & Palace Staff
Perhaps more used to their mistress' guests than any other group of natives on the island, the maids are not easily fazed by the various and sundry types that seem to pass through the palace regularly. Ever the consummate professionals, the Palace staff tends to be as welcoming and friendly, though always professionally formal, as the staff of any high quality hotel would be.

As can be expected, some of the staff is more jaded than others and may tend to be more curt in their dealings with new arrivals. Others, particularly the younger and more impressionable maids, might be more likely to strike up a true conversation. If asked questions however, almost anyone on the staff may answer with some general information about Atia and a vague description of the collars' functions, but overall they will be fairly quick to defer all non-native guests to their devices. Since they are not collared themselves, they do not believe they would be the best source of information on what life on Atia would be like for a collared citizen.

They will also make sure that you're out by the end of your seventh day in the palace to make room for other new arrivals. It's worth noting that all the palace staff is trained in defensive combat to deal with the occasionally troublesome or violent arrival, though as a whole, like most of the native population, they prefer to keep things peaceful.
Temple of Atia
Opulent, lavish and with imagery lining the inner walls that is beautifully depraved and gorgeous statutes artistically crafted of the finest marbles, the temple is wholly dedicated to paying homage to the ways of Atia and the goddess herself. Citizens may also come to pay homage of course and are free to watch her followers perform sacred rituals as well as the occasional sacrifice. . .

Located at the heart of the island at some feet of elevation from the surrounding districts, Atia's temple is the one perpetually visible feature in the Atian skyline. So no matter where in the city or on the island you are, should you look around, you cannot help but be reminded who is truly in charge. There is one exception to this and that is the Volcano. Those who manage to make it around to the north of the island will find much of their sight of the city to be blocked by the very active home of the Goddess Harmonia (the amount this does or does not irk Atia is unknown).

Additionally, it is strongly worth noting that Atia's Temple is warded and magicked by Atia herself to prevent harm or damage from coming to it. Any attacks or attempts to attack the temple will only bounce off and reflect on the attacker with even more power. Also, no weapons are allowed inside the temple. Guards at the entrance will take any such things from any visitors that may arrive and stow them in a safe place until the visitor departs.

Vaguely like this: exterior and interior.

The Priests and Priestesses
Dressed in sheer, elegant robes, and said to hold the ability to communicate directly with the Atia herself, the priests and priestesses who dwell within the temple walls walls are largely what one expects of holy men and women. They are ordained in all the ways of Atia and her teachings and know the secrets of her sacred texts. They are in charge of and perform all sacred rituals of the island, from marriages to initiations to native funerals.

And so long as one is willing to serve Atia and do her bidding or pay proper tribute, they will gladly accept anyone into their temples. Special Exemption: Boyd Crowder is permenantly banned from stepping foot onto any sacred Temple grounds no matter where on the island it may be.

The Rituals
Most rituals in Atia are surprisingly chaste. Marriages, baptisms, funerals, etc., fairly reminiscent of ancient pagan rituals. These ceremonies do not call for nudity.

There are a few that do involve sex, however. An Atian's youth initiation ceremony when they turn eighteen and return to the island to live their lives as adult members of their society, for example, involves a sexual rite of passage. Any devotions and sacrifices that may occur will also involve sex. Any player wishing to participate in these rituals should contact a mod first for more details.
Sea Temple
Raised to the surface by Harmonia's enforcement of the Contract of War between Demeter and Poseidon (May 2013), the Sea Temple and the stretch of land reaching out into the sea south of the Harbor and Docks now sit far above the waves, easily accessible to all who dare to test the God of the Sea's Wrath. Poseidon is not pleased by the results of the war and while he no longer has the full force of his aquatic army to play guard for him, there still remain some monsters able to breath the air. And of course Poseidon himself is a more than formidable foe.
Temple of Thanatos
Nestled just inside the Forest of Mirrors, surrounded on most sides by the dense forest, and constructed dark stone with ivy climbs up its sides, Thanatos' temple is not nearly as inviting as Atia's. The road to this temple remains muddy, wet and often more than a little hazardous.

Inside the Temple
The interior of this temple is just as uninviting as the exterior. It is not dirty, but it is dark and dreary. It is lit only by candles, as very little sunlight comes in through the windows or the forest itself. Overall, it's not a pleasant place.

Tapestries in drab colors depict Thanatos himself and some other, unidentifiable scenes. The priests and priestesses are much colder and more business-like than Atian's holy men and women. They are curt and care more about worshiping the god of death than any of the other islanders. Cult-like and creepy, they were long, dark robes that cover their faces.

Currenly, the only 'Full' Priestess of Thanatos is a Collared Resident - Chloe from the Anime Series Noir - as she is the only one who does not also worship Atia. She was made his High Priestess in October 2012 and the native priests and priestesses who tend Thanatos' temple defer to her in matters of running the place.

Funerals for the natives always end up here, with a symbolic passing of the body from Atia's priests to Thanatos' (light to dark, life to death). A hidden passageway connects to the catacombs under the city, which the priests and priestesses of this temple are quite familiar with.


Residential Areas
The housing estates in Atia are separated by class and the value and quality of the structures within each area.

First District
The first class district is aptly named with spacious villas and picturesque gardens, and its homes and apartments are appropriately expensive both to rent or buy. While the majority of the district is dedicated to some very decadent home lives, the two main avenues that cut through the district (one going North to South from the Palace to the Temple, and the other East to West from the Colosseum to just past the Library) are littered with expensive shops and restaurants as a cultural revival seems to have brought renewed interest in bringing a proper 'night life' to the district. About 900 of the natives have their homes here.

The Collared Welcome Center and the Hostels that flank it on either side is also located in this district, very close to the palace. It is, however, tucked a few blocks away from the Palace Avenue so that it doesn't blight the landscape with it's unrefined architecture.

Second District
The second class district has more affordable, though smaller, houses and apartments. Homes generally range from 900sq ft to 1500sq ft in size, though those that exist closer to the coast on either side of the island have been known to get as large as 2500sq ft. Most properties don't get taller than two stories. The majority of the Island's business are found here as well as most of the cultural sites. Property sizes allow for larger personal, family, and communal gardens and 'farms' (with room enough to raise small fowl, pigs, and the occasional goats for non-seafood meat) as well as larger streets than what is found in the second district. This district is generally well kept and quite comfortable. Approximately 1600 of the natives live inside this district.

Third District
The third class district - or slums - is the most affordable, but has poor quality housing. The Port, Shipyard and the island's Warehouses take up almost half of the district, with the rest going to housing and businesses. The homes generally have small footprints (though they may rise up to three stories tall as apartment blocks - four stores can happen, but they are rare) with most homes - house or apartments - having little more than 700 sq ft of living space. These buildings are generally poorly maintained and the District's streets are narrow and dingy and often quite dangerous. There are many small family and neighborhood 'farms' scattered throughout where a decent portion of the residents grow their own vegetables. These are limited by the sandy soil and are by no means the bulk of their diets. Roughly 2500 of the Natives live in this district.
Located in two out of three districts are parks for your relaxing pleasure!

First District Park
The larger of the two, it is situated in what could be considered the lower-income end of the district, although the term is relative. In between the luxury condos and large houses is nestled a fairly expansive tract of land, about 10 acres worth. There's a large pond in the center where ducks, geese, and swan congregate and fish swim, although fishing is strictly prohibited. There are walkways, running paths, benches, picnic tables, and even a gazebo by the pond. It is well-tended and plants and trees dot the landscape, providing areas of shade for those wishing to lay back and relax in the plush grass.

Second District Park
While not as nice and not as big, it's still a pleasant place. There are also paths and walkways, some benches, and the occasional tree. It's decently maintained, although not nearly as well, and there's a small pavilion for public gatherings.
Marketplace (Agora)
The main shopping center for the residents of Atia, it is an open air market quite similar to the agoras found in old world Greece and Rome. Rather than electronics and other modern commodities, you will find mostly freshly grown fruits, vegetables, small livestock, and handmade things here.

A few other business dot the marketplace, including some collared owned and operated ones, where you might be able to find a few other things.

What's Available
As mentioned, there's fruits, vegetables, grains, a wide variety of fish and seafood, an assortment of mostly small game or small to medium sized livestock meats (chicken, lamb, goat). Beef is rarer, though available and more expensive, as cows are harder to maintain even on an island wholly devoted to agriculture and farming.

Small live livestock such as chicken, ducks, etc. also make regular appearances and the occasional goat or sheep passes through, but those are few and far between, as there isn't much by way of actual farm land on the island of Atia. Additionally. there's an assortment of herbs, spices, handmade jewelry, craftsmen's items such as furniture, handwoven rugs and blankets-- all those sorts of things!

Quite similar to farmer markets or any other outdoor markets where stalls line the main streets with buildings on either side, some the homes of merchants, some stores in which you can make further purchases. There are also services designed to help you transport any large purchases you might make, providing smaller hand-drawn wagons that you can either pull yourself or hire someone else to pull, or the occasional horse-drawn cart for even larger things. Cars can also be rented, though that is quite a bit more expensive as there are no more than a dozen total on the island and most of them cannot fit through many of the Third District streets.
Port & Shipyards
The port and shipyard area of Atia is located on the south side of the island, quite close to the the seediest side of the third district and bordering on the edge of the Forest of Mirrors. It's near a canal that allows shipments to be sent by boat further into the island and isn't too far from the marketplace.

It maintains warehouses, and shipyards as well as a small but bustling business district. The surrounding area is also dotted with apartments and houses both up for sale and rent.

Placing Orders
For anything not available on the island, citizens can order things from Illus Imports, who oversees the various shipping companies at the shipyard. This is also where they would order the things normally available in bulk for businesses. While you will have to go through the trouble of registering with Illus and other businesses there, it may be well worth the effort to get some of the things that Atia doesn't normally import for itself.


Player Run Businesses
Are not included in this map due to their potentially transitive nature. However, that being said, we are working on creating an additional, different map where players might be able to pin down a specific location for their businesses. We have no ETA on that for the time being, so until then, we encourage you to check out Amat's Business Directory page, which includes a breakdown of all business by the district they may be found in.
Located in the north east of the Second District, though quite close to the first, the hospital is a large three-story building stocked with fully-functional medical equipment and advanced medical technology and healing techniques. As with any hospital, there are small, specialized wings for different kinds of treatment.

Characters are allowed to work here, provided they discuss things with the Chief of Staff first and pass a series of exams to prove their medical competence. If players are interested in knowing details, please email the moderators with questions!
Hot Springs
On the edge of the city, north-east of the first district about where the greenery begins to grow thicker to become the Forest of Passions, there are the hot springs, eternally steaming pools of water settled between the rocks that surround the small lake there, complete with a gorgeous, picturesque waterfall.

Annexed there is a facility, housing some of the larger and more popular springs. The two largest are divided into mens and womens baths, the third is more casually unisex and natives often take advantage of it for socializing and mingling.

There are also some smaller pools that are reservable for private functions of any nature. While not forbidden, sex in the hot springs is regulated and it is asked that if you plan to do such things in the springs that it be clearly marked on the rental agreement. An extra 'cleanup' fee will be assessed for such rentals.

Largely though, there isn't much organized service at the springs. There's a small bar/restaurant/lounge that serves as a mingling place and offers light snacks and drinks, but not much else. There are also specific men and women's changing rooms with large lockers that patrons are free to use. If you want to secure your possession though, you'll need to bring your own lock.

And while there are technically no rooms, a few of the springs have small cabanas attached that can be rented out for things like honeymoons or private vacations.

The hot springs in Atia, despite the rest of the island being very Greco-Roman, function similar to the onsen of Japan (though of course, their architecture and trappings are of a Hellenistic style). When entering, visitors can put their belongings in a locker and are provided with two towels-- a small one for use when bathing, and a larger one to dry off later. The small towel can be brought in with one to the showers, though unlike at the onsen, Atians care far less about whether you cover your body or not. Soaps and shampoos are available for guests who did not bring their own, and once a guest is clean, they can enter the springs.
Set at the eastern foot of one of the mountains, on a small, off-beaten path just a little deeper in the Forest of Passions than the hot springs, is Atia's spa specializing in full-service relaxation and very happy endings, for those inclined. One can book an extended stay at this exclusive facility, however, as it is not all that large, guests are limited to a handful of visits per month. Though of course, for a little extra Amat, you might be able to get those rules relaxed a bit.

As with any top level spa, the incredibly attractive and alluring well trained staff can offer an assortment of massages, facials or other spa treatments formulated specifically to keep you looking and feeling your most youthful, energized and well rested best. And of course, they are all generally more than willing to go that extra mile for their customers (provided you tip them well) to make sure everyone leaves wearing a smile and the sexy glow of a very good time had ;)

Additionally, as the spa is not far from the hot springs, they also have some wonderful thermal baths and pools for soaking available, most definitely in the style of old roman baths, where there is ever a willing attendant on hand able to help you with whatever needs you might have. There are a few that are single-sex only, but the majority of the facility is fairly relaxed about that sort of thing.
Atia’s theatre complex is huge, supporting a large, outdoor amphitheater and a couple of the more traditional enclosed arenas. It hosts all sorts of events, from plays to musical performances as well as other productions. It is located in the Second district, west of Atia's temple.

Performance Style
Styles vary greatly, even within just the island itself, but many performances are reminiscent of the ancient Greek plays, with a modern twist on them. There are different groups with different themes (an all-mens group, an all-womens group, a group specializing in musical theatre-- those kinds of thing.) Concerts occur here as well, but again, not in any style of music that characters would recognize from their homes.
Yet another enormous establishment dedicated to entertainment. This is a roofless round structure capable of seating the whole of the island's population comfortably and large enough to encase a hippodrome sized track. In the center, grand performances take place - sporting events, gladiator matches, and other fights etc. are all held here. Who knows, one day you might be asked or forced to participate~ Please ask the moderators before assuming so.

The Coliseum sits in the Second district right near the border with the First north-east of Atia's temple. It's too far from the Hospital and the museum and the hot springs and spa are only a little ways north of it. Events
Events are held here occasionally. While there are gladiator matches and the like, they're nothing particularly brutal. There may be blood, but there are very few deaths in the coliseum. There are also sporting events and tournaments, such as an Atian version of the Olympics and Hellenistic games, for things like shot-put, discus, javelin, track, etc. and occasionally even chariot races.

The Coliseum is once again OPEN.

Characters are free to use the arena for spars or personal matches during the week and of course attend the events when they occur. There is no gainful employment available at the Coliseum, all participation in any of the events or competitions are purely for sportsmanship purposes and possibly some minor prizes offered by sponsors.

If you are interested in participating or sponsoring an event, please contact the moderators for approval first.
The library is a large building in the midst the first district, just south-west of the large park complex.

With three floors, and shelves upon shelves of books, there's a lot of reading material in here for anyone who wants to try to tackle it and a lot of fiction— surprisingly, not all of it is dirty, although a vast majority is! There's even an entire section devoted to self-help books for improving and spicing up one's sex life, though that's rarely ever a problem for the natives. They're a creative, adventurous sort when it comes to that sort of thing. It also appears that many books have mysteriously turned up here, regarding information from other worlds, including myths and legends.

The oldest available books are falling apart, and in an unrecognizable language. They seem to end at a point over 600 years ago, though as the books older than that are stashed away in special boxes with special wards back in the Temple library: who is to know how old Atia really is?

The more recent a record gets, the more it begins to use the "Common" language, though it seems there are translations of it in Atia's native language as well.

If perusing the ancient tomes, one will find that the Scholars painstakingly wrote down the details of life in Atia all these hundreds of years.

Events of note include...
  • Several mentions of collared arrivals. Just as now, there were always problems when they first arrived, though many adjusted to their life fairly quickly. There is no mention of where they came from or how they arrived. The most recent before this newest group of collared people occurred about 20 years ago. The time before that was over 130. Their fate is unknown.

  • Famine and War: While there are a few times the record keeper mentions that they've heard of war happening on the mainland, Atia is usually very peaceful. The only 'war' of note was the recent one between Demeter and Poseidon (May 2013). Otherwise, there have been two attempted attacks in the past 600 years by sea, but all ships sunk before they ever got close to shore.

  • The mainland has changed name several times. Atia's name has stayed the same.

  • There are scattered mentions of the other islands. Records of people who were born on "Dei" or "Gryta" and the criminals who died on "Lethia". A man four years ago attacked a temple worker and killed her on holy ground, he was sentenced to life on Lethia for his punishment. Dei mentions dealing with plentiful harvests and speaking with the women who work in "her" temple.

  • Several mentions of the going ons at the "child temple" on Gryta, where many of their novices come from. This temple is nearly identical to the one on the main island, though much smaller. It is where the children and their parents and the men and women who work on that island may worship. Novices and Initiates may work at either location, and some have switched their workplaces over the years.

  • A very detailed, comprehensive history of the past few years, from when new people arrived to the major events that happened. In December there is a note that these newcomers are different than the normal ones.

  • A new book has appeared among the older texts, filled with blank pages. Scattered through out them, pieces of myth have cropped up - pieces that the new arrivals have heard broadcasted over the network. It is blacked out in the same places where the static made it incapable of being heard and it’s almost impossible to tell what was beneath the heavy blotches of ink. More seems to be appearing sporadically and it may give hints to the past of Atia.

Mod Note- While characters are allowed to find out about Atia's history from the above, please try to be reasonable with what they know and how quickly they find out about it. It's unlikely that characters will be able to piece together the whole picture the first time they sneak into the library.

Variations of the information above may be found in the Atian public library, from things such as newsclippings or reports. Feel free to contact a moderator if you're unsure.
Located near the Coliseum and not too far from Atia's Temple, the museum is a quiet place where one can come, reflect, view artwork, and generally relax. There are all types of artwork there, so who knows what you might find. In addition, there's a small wing dedicated to Atian history, although it's mostly based around citizens and there is surprisingly little information regarding the goddess or where this island came from.
Recreation Center
Located at the far end of the Marketplace is a large recreation center. It has everything you could think of for training: a gym with work out equipment, lap pools, and running track, as well as function rooms for things like yoga, dance, martial arts, etc. It is a fairly new facility to Atia, and many civilians do not know what to make of it, so it is poorly staffed for the time being.
Nightclubs and Strip Clubs
Atia has a number of different nightclubs and strip clubs! Located in all three districts, their quality varies depending on their placement (obviously), though they all manage to have decent stereo and lighting systems.


Tenebrae Mountains
A mountain range that rises in the north of Atia, surrounded by the lush, if dense Forest of Passions.

The largest peak in the Tenebrae Mountains is actually an active - if currently peaceful - volcano that is the 'home' of the Goddess Harmonia, standing approximately 800~900 ft above the sea level. Some of the mountains are scalable, some not so much.
Forest of Passions
Newly expanded with the raising of land in Demeter's favor following the war between her and Poseidon, the large forest to the north-east of the island that surrounds the mountain is warmer and more lush than its sister forest to the south. The depths of this place are largely unexplored by the majority of people but are becoming of more interest to the collared and native populations alike. The mythical creatures that previously inhabited this forest have moved almost entirely to their new home on what is being called 'Monster Island', leaving the forest to the more 'natural' beasts and those people who would seek to tame it's land.

Natives and the majority of the Collared are aware that the rivers and springs that feed the forest seem to do odd things to those who choose to take a dip in their waters. It has become clear in recent months that this is due to the influence of Eros, God of Love. His shrine can be found in a spring that feeds into a small waterfall, if you wander deep enough into the forest.

While this is generally a concern for the amount of 'distraction' it can bring to a person, it is not considered a determent to the develoment that has begun on the northern shore of the Northern Bay, which is very firmly in the boundaries of the Forest of Passions. Of the two forests, however, this one is considered fairly harmless.

The Waters
As of right now, it can be presumed that any effects from the waters work just as aphrodisiacs, either when ingested or bathed in. However, that's not to say there won't be any further developments regarding their nature…

The waters can be put into bottles/containers and taken away, though their effects will eventually lessen as time passes, returning to normal water within two weeks.
Forest of Mirrors
The smaller of the two forests on Atia but what many residents may argue as the more bizarre of the two, the Forest of Mirrors has a habit of trapping errant explorers, and often those who were nowhere near the area will find themselves waking and wandering its hidden pathways for weeks at a time, the constriction of their collars mysteriously unaffected by the passing of days. The dense thicket of trees also play host of a number of both normal and odd creatures, the oddest of which seem to be elusive and shy. Some whisper that they are even monstrous and definitely dangerous.

Because collars remain unaffected in the Forest of Mirrors, many players choose to send their characters here in order to keep them maintained while on hiatus. It can be presumed, if a player likes, that their character will be able to find enough food to survive, either by foraging or hunting, and will also find shelter or the means to build it, for the sake of hiatusing.

Characters who enter the forest may find themselves "haunted" by nightmares or creatures/enemies from their specific canons (it's totally optional). At first glance, they appear to be completely real and corporal, even capable of harming the character should they let their guard down. However, in truth, they are merely fictions of their mind projected into reality and not at all capable of any physical contact.

These nightmares won't always attack outright, preferring instead to stay inside the shadows of the trees and just make a character intensely uncomfortable or scared. However, once a character realizes they can't be real (because they can't possibly be on the island) or attempts to attack them, then they will see them for what they really are, fictional beings. They'll still be there and may mentally torment a character, but they won't be able to actually physically harm them.
Atia’s Caves
Dotting the island are several cave entrances. Some are small, but some large enough to explore. Citizens should be wary however, the tunnels twist and turn, eventually leading into deep catacomb structures under the island and it is easy to lose one’s way in the darkness. Or to the creatures who choose to inhabit in this place. Cave entrances can be found to the south of the Forest of Mirrors, in the clifface behind Atia’s Palace, deep north in the Forest of Passions and in the mountains and behind the waterfall in the Hot Springs, though may be sometimes blocked with strange illusions.
Other Islands
Out in the distance, one can see a few islands on the horizon. Characters are not able to visit the majority of them at this time and any attempts to will result in the collar tightening. NPC ships can be seen occasionally going back and forth between the islands.

There are the four larger ones that can be seen in total, as well a couple much smaller uninhabited ones. The three that can be seen and are known are Dei, Ina and Lethia. Gryta is still unable to seen, though that can probably be attributed to distance rather than any tricks of Atia's.

The first thing to note is that Lethia is shrouded in fog so much most of the land can't actually be seen, and the sky around it is dark and stormy. The other two visible, inhabited islands can be seen, their shape somewhat obscured by distance. If one uses a telescope, they can make out slightly more details. A very rough map can be found here.

And, most recently, around the time of Atia's return in 2011, a fourth island seemed to have risen from the depths of the sea and taken up residence in the nearby ocean. It is on the small side, but far closer than the other three, though still just outside the barrier surrounding Atia. For now, it remains a mystery.

For more details on Lethia, see here.

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