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Weather on Atia

~Atia's Weather~

Free of divine interference, Atia enjoys roughly 300 days of sunshine with varying temperatures through the year.
Though sun will still shine, January is generally cold, rainy and windy. There is a one-week period during January when the weather is generally good and the winds cease.
Slightly warmer and sunnier than January. The first trees start blooming near the end of the month.
March & April:
It's spring time in Atia! These months tend to be sunny, but also a bit chilly and windy with occasional rainfall. The first daring swimmers appear as the Atian countryside fills with blooming wildflowers.
Warm, sunny and fairly dry, since rain is unlikely to fall past the first week. The seasonal North winds haven't started up yet, so the sea is calm and nature is at its colorful best. Natives consider May one of the best months to spend time outsidoors, though a light jacket will prove useful at night.
Sunny and hot. Perfect beach weather!
July & August:
Windy and very hot. July and August are the months when the seasonal North winds blow strongest. It is hard to want to do anything outdoors during these months, but spend the entire day at the beach due to the heat. Look for a shady place and drink plenty of water. Don't forget your hat and sunscreen!
Sunny, less windy and slightly cooler. It's a good time for outdoors activities. Get a light jacket for the evening, especially if you plan to visit any mountainous areas.
Sunny, with very few windy days and minimal rain fall. October is also a good month for outdoor activities. Warm clothes are rarely necessary until the evenings.
The weather starts to become unpredictable. It may be sunny but there are plenty of rainy and windy days too. Don't forget your umbrella, just in case!
This month, for some reason, tends to be the most unpredictable on the island. Weather has been known to go from sunny and pleasantly warm to snowfall and back again in a matter of days. On average though, while it can get pretty chilly, temperatures rarely fall too low.

Jan.Feb.MarchAprilMayJune JulyAug.Sept.Oct.Nov.Dec.
Min Temp
32/046/852/1154/1261/1668/20 73/2372/2266/1954/1241/530/-1
Max Temp (°F/°C)
57/1461/1664/1868/2077/2584/29 90/3386/3082/2875/2468/2061/16

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