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New Player Guide

Welcome to Amat!

Congratulations and welcome to Amat! On this page new and old players alike will find all the information needed to help them get started and situated comfortably in the game. Please be sure to read the entire page as it changes from time to time! (Latest change Nov 4, 2012!!)


Reply to the Taken List
» PLEASE reply to the Taken List so that we are absolutely certain this step is done. If you do not reply to the Taken List, you will not be considered as having joined the game.

Reply to the acceptance e-mail
» PLEASE reply to your acceptance email with the link to your TAKEN LIST REPLY!

These e-mail replies are the only way we have of knowing which journals are ready to be allowed into the communities. We also rely on your reply for various administrative purposes, like knowing which journals will qualify for new player AC exemptions later in the month. When you have e-mailed back, you will also receive the tag to use in both comms for posting with your character. We supply that to maintain consistency.

Join the communities
◆ Required, IC Game Comms:
Join amatomnes
Join amatomneslogs
Join amatomnesinfo
Join amatomnesooc
◆ Recommended, OOC Crack & Game Comms:
Join amatomnom
Join amatpartygames

If you go a full day or more without getting accepted, please feel free to nudge any of the mods who are online and let them know (Mod Contact Info).


Info Post
» Using the form below, post to amatomnesinfo.

» Character Name (Series Name) should be the subject in your post.

» For easy reference, we do have a locked, members-only list of several possible kinks here.

» Tag your Info Post by you SERIES NAME. Note that same name, multi-series franchises such as Final Fantasy, Transformers, Mobile Suit Gundamn, Tales of, or Persona have one over-reaching umbrella tag for the entire franchise. You can tell your series name by looking at the start of your character tag.
Fill out your journal profile
» Make sure that somewhere on your character's profile or journal you have both their name and canon listed. This is the only way other players will be able to track characters down on the Taken Lists.

» If you would like to include further information in your profile, we have provided a few Profile Codes below for your convenience.

It's not mandatory in any way, but highly encouraged for plotting and tagging purposes among players. Feel free to modify them however you want, no credit required.
Horizontal Profile Code

Vertical Profile Code

» For other options, we rec these links 1, 2, 3, 4.

OOC Introduction
» Head over to amatomnesooc and introduce yourself! :)

» Most importantly, start having fun!

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